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April 14th, 2001


No, no, not the WCW event Starrcade. I’m talking about a game show that TBS showed probably a good 15-18 years ago called… Starcade. It involved kids competing head-to-head in, of all things, arcade games!

The whole idea behind Starrcade was boffo. Video games were hot at the time, and everyone loves game shows… so smush the two together. The show involved arcade game trivia and "Name That Game" segments, based entirely on screenshots.

The upshot? Thanks to the power of the web, I found this in-depth Starcade site created by the show’s producers! It’s a treasure trove of a site. So much of my memory is getting jogged thanks to this… remember the cheesy theme song? The robot offered as a grand prize? And how could I forget that Geoff Edwards hosted! Anyway, the site offers photos, tons of info on the game and show, and video clips – all of which are something to see after all these years!

Come on, who wouldn’t want to play Defender, Gorf, or Berzerk to win prizes? Joystick jockeys, unite! -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday April 14, 2001 -- 10:44:54AM
Yes yes yes!!! I remember this game show... back when Pac Man Fever was in full gear and all the "cool" kids could get to level 8361 of Zaxxon... wow. Memories.

And a perfect Ping considering that I have tomorrow's Ping planned already on a similar topic...

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday April 14, 2001 -- 5:52:32PM

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday April 14, 2001 -- 5:53:31PM
I am afraid I'm not old enough to have seen this show. Curse these demographics!

Also, curse the WCW Starrcade I saw at the MCI Center. Bad wrestling! BAD!

FROM: Tony
DATE: Saturday April 14, 2001 -- 6:11:10PM
Robert, dont feel left out, I was also born to late, to see this.

FROM: dave
DATE: Saturday April 14, 2001 -- 6:41:24PM
I remember this show fondly...I was always so jealous of the contestants because sometimes the grand prize was an arcade game like Star Wars or Dragon's Lair...

Every so often I find an arcare with tons of old games...I've been known to blow ten bucks at a time in those places (and remember, each game only costs a quarter...not two bucks like all the games seem to be today!).

FROM: dave
DATE: Saturday June 1, 2002 -- 10:03:19 am
I just saw a rerun of Starcade on the G4 network (that new network devoted to video games). It was just as cheesy as I remember!

FROM: Andrew Schroy
DATE: Tuesday July 8, 2003 -- 10:44:46 am
Never saw the show, but from what I hear, it's pretty good. Also, do any of you know why Mark Richards was replaced by Geoff Edwards? According to a website, media mogul Ted Turner fired Mark because, quote, "he came across as a dumb stiff", and Mark really was. He hosted only 23 episodes, while Geoff did 130+ episodes. In fact, Geoff obviously grew with this show (he's one of the few people at his age [he's about 60 now] to play video games on a daily basis). In fact, for a revival of another video game show, Video Power, one of the GS webmasters planned to use Geoff Edwards as host and Phil Moore as announcer. He planned to use Phil as announcer because it was, quote, "the only way I'll let him near a game show," thanks to his obnoxiousness. Geoff really does love video game does he?

shelby t mitchell May 28, 2009, 7:15 am

Mark was replaced by Geoff because Mark didn’t know about video games and seemed really condescending towards the contestants. Geoff was friendlier and loved video games. And knew his way also around game shows. BTW, twenty-seven episodes are now up on the Starcade site. Indeed awesome!

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