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April 18th, 2001

Two Blogs, Seven Laughs

If you can excuse the butt-kissing nature of this entry, I will tell you that there are only two blogs I read on a consistent basis that make me laugh out loud.

One is John’s Journal, with Zug’s John Hargrave at the cursor. While his entries recapping a previous honeymoon were relative yawners, a recent essay on CompUSA’s incompetence hit the spot. So did a rather descriptive and fantastic entry on the ability for something to be funny even though every single other person on earth doesn’t get it.

Secondly, Mecawilson. In light of my recent job turmoil, and watching Office Space, I must say that Matt’s blogging goodness is insightful, witty, and dead on accurate. Who can make an entry about bathroom etiquette? Well, anyone. But who can make a solid dozen entries about bathroom etiquette? Matt.

These are the ones that make me laugh. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday April 18, 2001 -- 9:15:51AM
Huh huh huh... you said "solid..."

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday April 18, 2001 -- 11:24:26AM
My favorite blog is the one at (that guy's somethin' else). It adds a new dimension to a blog when you actually know the blogger. And I don't care if you looks like a "conspipated Bill Gates" or a George F Will with anal fissures.

FROM: brant
DATE: Wednesday April 18, 2001 -- 3:32:59PM
but um, my desk, um, used to, um, be by the window, um, um, um and there were squirrels, um,um, and they were merry

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday April 18, 2001 -- 3:39:16PM
Brant -- What the hell did that have to do with anything? :)

FROM: corey
DATE: Wednesday April 18, 2001 -- 5:09:04PM
Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays!

DATE: Wednesday April 18, 2001 -- 5:25:21PM
I can't live without Greg Knauss' EOD. That guy makes me spit milk out my nose on a regular basis.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Thursday April 19, 2001 -- 2:01:16PM
Thank you for introducing me to MecaWilson. Why he doesn't mirror "The Daily Ping" format with the ability to post comments is beyond me. Maybe he just doesn't care about how much his audience appreciates his sense of humor.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday April 19, 2001 -- 2:11:45PM
Oh, he cares! :) I think it's just a matter of time... and remember that the Ping comment system and everything was written from scratch, so it takes a fair amount of time...

Mecawilson's infamous toilet rants were featured here, as well.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Thursday April 19, 2001 -- 3:15:34PM
Ryan - Oh, I thought all "you guys" shared information for writing programs among yourselves in some vast network of weblove....shows you how much of a techie I am.

All Hail the Future Shared Programming League of America!

FROM: Tina
DATE: Saturday August 23, 2003 -- 3:41:15 pm
Whatever happened to Matt Wilson? Any updates? Mecawilson is no longer available....much to my dismay. Does anyone know what's up? Is Matt still alive? Matt? Matt? Can you hear me now?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday August 23, 2003 -- 11:17:54 pm
I heard from him a few months back... he's still around, but taking some time off, deciding what his next web project should be.

I told him he already written a book's worth of great entries and it was time to move to the print world.

yama. Alaska January 10, 2009, 10:12 am


I have a Sloan flushamte and it’s little different than the other toilets…do you know how to unclog this kind?

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