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April 18th, 2001

Two Blogs, Seven Laughs

If you can excuse the butt-kissing nature of this entry, I will tell you that there are only two blogs I read on a consistent basis that make me laugh out loud.

One is John’s Journal, with Zug’s John Hargrave at the cursor. While his entries recapping a previous honeymoon were relative yawners, a recent essay on CompUSA’s incompetence hit the spot. So did a rather descriptive and fantastic entry on the ability for something to be funny even though every single other person on earth doesn’t get it.

Secondly, Mecawilson. In light of my recent job turmoil, and watching Office Space, I must say that Matt’s blogging goodness is insightful, witty, and dead on accurate. Who can make an entry about bathroom etiquette? Well, anyone. But who can make a solid dozen entries about bathroom etiquette? Matt.

These are the ones that make me laugh. -pm

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yama. Alaska January 10, 2009, 10:12 am


I have a Sloan flushamte and it’s little different than the other toilets…do you know how to unclog this kind?

-48 below and counting….

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