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May 19th, 2001

Date My Sister

The creators of the Fat Project, Stinky Feet, and Stinky Meat I and II are back, this time with the Date-My-Sister Project. Our friendly Stinkmaster’s sister is coming to town for the summer and he’s going to try his hardest to make a love connection. He’s going to his friends and friends of his friends, setting up dates with the hope of perfecting the personality his sister is looking for in a man.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Spark science experiment without some hidden cameras, deception, and illegal bugs ordered from overseas. Swing by and follow the newest soap opera for our generation. -ram

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FROM: Tina
DATE: Saturday May 19, 2001 -- 12:03:55PM
I think EVERY first date in the universe should be chronicled via the internet. It's like "Love American Style" meets "Inspector Gadget" cross-pollinated with a smidgen of "Totally Hidden Video". Brings out the true voyeur in all of us. Ah, love! We need a haiku here for sure. Any takers?

FROM: dave
DATE: Saturday May 19, 2001 -- 8:27:12PM
Laura and I are hooked!!!

It did feel weird listening to the mp3s though.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:21:24 pm

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