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June 22nd, 2001

Big Time

I am a fan of clocks and watches. Back when I was living in my parents’ house, I had no less than five clocks in my room. I was totally obsessed with knowing what time it was.

The tradition is still in place, but it’s spread out more. There are two clocks in my living room, and one each in the kitchen and bathroom. But more importantly, I try to never ever leave the house without a watch. I don’t know why not; usually when I’m out and about, clocks are conveniently located.

But here’s the big question: can anyone tell the time just by guessing, throughout the day? I’m working on it, but could use a few pointers. -pm

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FROM: liz
DATE: Friday June 22, 2001 -- 2:01:30AM
i never wear a watch -- i think things should start when i get there.


but i'm no good at estimating time.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday June 22, 2001 -- 8:44:53AM
I am totally obsessed with time, so I wear a watch and I play an elaborate game every morning with two alarms. There is a monkey on my back.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday June 22, 2001 -- 9:12:00AM
As I believe I've mentioned before, I am the King of Snoozing. Therefore, we have four alarms set in our bedroom each morning. One is considered the "emergency alarm," in case I sleep through all the others (which has happened). That one's placed across the room. Unfortunately, it's "emergency" status has kind of lessened, as a lot of times I'll get up, turn it off, and return to bed. Kind of defeats the purpose.

DATE: Friday June 22, 2001 -- 4:53:26PM
I can always guess the time--usually within 10 minutes (though when I did it just now I was 30 minutes off. Go figure). When I was a kid I, too, was obsessed with time. I used to notice how bright it was at certain times of the day, and I practiced guessing the time constantly. Now it's just ingrained.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday June 22, 2001 -- 6:18:44PM
When I was a kid, I used to pretend the big mirror in our house was a TV camera and our lives were a show. And look where it got me today!

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Friday June 22, 2001 -- 10:35:19PM
I'm weird about clocks (like most other pingers, it seems). The clock in my room is always just a little bit too fast. Sometimes 7 minutes, sometimes 19, sometimes 28... any number. But no more than half an hour. I don't ever wear a watch, especially at work. In fact, there are only one or two people who wear a watch at work (that would be at a Montessori school) and they *always get asked what time it is. Also, I work with a woman who, for about seven years, owned a total of zero clocks.. she had literally no time-telling devices in her house or car. And she ran a business from her home so I guess she didn't have any at work either. I have to say that I must applaud her, and hope to some day, for some amount of time, live with no clocks.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday June 23, 2001 -- 12:48:42AM
Elizabeth -- The four clocks in our bedroom are set to different times. One clock is about 20 minutes ahead, another is 10, a third is about 5, and the last is the correct time. Thus, when an alarm goes off in the morning, I have to do some crazy math based on which clock is ringing to figure out exactly how much longer I can sleep and still make it into work by nine.

You'd think setting a clock far ahead of time would be helpful in getting you someplace early, but when you start doing math everytime you look at the clock, it's kind of pointless. Like most of what I do.

As far as going without clocks, every so often I'll purposely leave my watch at home. I've read that not wearing a watch when you don't absolutely need one can help reduce your stress levels, because you're not worried always worried about being on time.

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Sunday June 24, 2001 -- 7:20:09PM
I never have any idea what time it is - I generally don't wear a watch (there's a quite interesting story behind why involving my schizophrenic friend Norm, but I think it's too long to tell right now) and I have absolutely no innate ability to guess what time it is at any point in the day. I can, however, always point out which way is North, as long as I'm not blindfolded, irregardless of time of day or any other conditions. It comes in quite handy when you decide to drive to Michigan and back with two friends just because you've never been to Michigan.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:26:10 pm

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