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June 21st, 2001

One Less Dirty Word

Have I totally missed something?

Tonight on South Park, they debuted an episode titled “It Hits the Fan.” Now, previously South Park had been pretty heavily bleeped. Any time a character said a curse word, it was censored. However, apparently there is one less “dirty word” for network cable channels to worry about. And, surprisingly, it’s the “S” word.

This latest episode of South Park featured exactly 162 instances of the word “shit.” A counter on the bottom of the screen increased with each utterance. I was amazed by this, as I’d never heard profanity of this level on a non-pay cable station aside from when MTV aired that “Scared Straight 2000” show last year. Try to catch this episode, as there is some interesting social commentary sprinkled throughout.

Could we be seeing a quickly growing trend where people are actually lightening up about profanity on cable? -ram

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