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July 7th, 2001

The Pains of Upgrading

As fun as it is having a semi-new computer for the first time in six years, I have to say that I’m feeling the “pain of upgrading.”

I’m on my third OS installation in the last 12 hours and have basically made no progress with anything. Finding a Windows 2000 driver for an older modem is not a fun task — and I’m failing miserably at it.

My question is this: has anyone ever actually had a painless OS upgrade (and I’m talking a major upgrade, not an incremental or a service pack)? I’m sure any of the various *nix variants are pretty painless, but how about on a Windows machine? -ram

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FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Saturday July 7, 2001 -- 1:35:23PM
Why does your modem need a driver? You didn't buy a WinModem, did you? If so, you deserve what you get. :-)

Windows 2000 installed flawlessly on my P4 system. Of course, I did a fresh installation, not any of this upgrade stuff.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday July 7, 2001 -- 2:31:56PM
Well, I'm doing a fresh install, too, and it's just not recognizing the modem. It's a semi-old Acer/Aopen FM56PVS... I've tried every driver I could find and it just refused to work correctly (the "Query modem" consistently returns an error).

I'm also having problems with certain hard drive partitions getting stuck when I try to format them...

I'm anxious to get things working and start transferring files over from the old computer. :)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday July 7, 2001 -- 2:40:27PM
Does any kind of generic driver work, Ryan? If memory serves, I had run the ol' Generic Modem more than once on 98 with no problems.

FROM: mel
DATE: Saturday July 7, 2001 -- 2:57:16PM
I've had many, many painless OS upgrades. From 0S 7.5 to 7.5.5 to 8 to 8.1 to 8.5 to 8.5.1 to 9 to 9.0.4 to 9.1 to X. Oh, my bad, you said Windows. No such thing as a painless upgrade there.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday July 7, 2001 -- 7:30:16PM
Mel -- I was surprised Paul didn't chime in first with the "Boy my Mac was easy to set up" response. ;)

Paul -- I tried it, but perhaps I need to give it another shot. I'll contact you by e-mail about it. :)

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday July 7, 2001 -- 11:37:24PM
I'm happy to report that the major problem has been fixed! I'm responding to this from my new system... :)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday July 7, 2001 -- 11:55:10PM
I decided to just be polite, that's all. ;) Outside of the power switch problem, the Mac was very easy to set up. Almost ridiculously so. No jumpers!

FROM: Adam
DATE: Sunday July 15, 2001 -- 1:54:54AM
Ryan, sounds like you have it fixed now, but for future reference try,, and I upgraded to Win2K a few months ago and it took about a week to get it up right, but believe it's worth it.

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