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July 28th, 2001

A Tale of Two Slurpees

On a recent quest for a tasty, cold Slurpee, something odd was discovered. While almost every single 7-Eleven I’d been to featured both Coke and cherry flavors, this one offered… Pepsi and blue raspberry!

I’m not a big fan of the cola-flavored Slurpee in the first place, but the cherry one? It’s pretty much a necessary thing when it comes to Slurpee enjoyment. I was faced with a dilemma: venture on to another 7-Eleven (surely not that far away) or just suck it up and enjoy another flavor? For last night’s purposes, I did the latter and tried a Mountain Dew slurpee. (It was fine, but the melted product looked even more suspicious than regular Mountain Dew does.)

But now I’m all curious about the Coke/Pepsi distribution. Is it 50/50? Does it depend on boring things like demographics and neighborhoods? Or does 7-Eleven just like to mess with our heads? -pm

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