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September 2nd, 2001

Starbucks Everywhere

When I first set foot into the Dominick’s near my apartment, I looked to my left and saw a Starbucks. There were only about four tables or so, and it was clear that this was an abbreviated Starbucks… but it was still Starbucks.

In the downtown area of my suburb, too, there’s a Starbucks smack dab in the middle. It’s highly visible. Well, we had a new Jewel open up and guess what coffee shop is inside? That’s right, it’s Starbucks! Now both Jewel and Dominick’s have Starbucks inside.

A few weeks ago, upon visiting the home decor store The Great Indoors, what was there? Yep, a Starbucks! And the shopping carts had cupholders up front (unlike Jewel and Dominick’s – the cupholders are right by the handlebars at those grocery stores.) The question is, what’s the deal with Starbucks being the de facto beverage stop?

I’m certainly not one to turn down a tasty beverage. But do we really need Starbucks at Jewel? When I go to the grocery store, I really just want to get in and out as soon as possible; I rarely browse. I’m guessing that Starbucks is an attempt to get people like me to stick around. Here’s how to make it work: give the coffee away for free. Then I’ll think about it. -pm

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