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September 17th, 2001

Gone Bananas!

Rummaging through my basement, I came across this:

Willie Aames on the cover of Bananas

Raise your hand if you remember Bananas.

Raise your hand if you noticed (and understood) the “8” on Willie Aames necklace (Pinger Corey gets bonus points for noticing this before me).

A pair of other amusing scans:

  • Oh, Ponch…: Erik didn’t let his injured wrist stop him from signing dozens of autographs. Fans will be happy to know that he is now fully recovered from his accident.
  • Who the hell was Rex Smith and why did I want a copy of his album?: Despite the fact the contest ended a full 4-5 years before I filled it out, I wasn’t deterred from this contest entry form. I would make jokes here, but my two favorite music groups pretty much say it all.

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Bill May 10, 2007, 5:22 pm

OMG I have a siting of this “Bloke”. I gotta tell ya how I found this blog. I was watching the outdoor channel and on come this long haired skinny guy. I scrached my head and said “I know that guy, but he was a kid when I knew him !!!”I went right to Google Images and look what I found … well he’s alive and doing well and shooting animals for a living. Thanx for the memories

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