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September 16th, 2001

Time Tunnel and Quantum Leap

As of late, the Sci-Fi Network has been running episodes of the 60s series The Time Tunnel. I set up a Season Pass for it on TiVo, and while I don’t dislike the show I can understand why it lasted only one season. All in all, it’s fun to look at but not very fun to watch (and forget about plots.)

But while watching it, I kept drawing parallels to a favorite show of mine, Quantum Leap. Consider this:

  • Both series involve top-secret government-funded time travel projects.
  • Both series take place in a remote desert.
  • The time machines in both series are activated before they’re ready, at the threat of losing government funding.
  • Both machines malfunction in some way.

All in all, Quantum Leap is a far better series, if not for the twist on the concept; admittedly it’s an unfair judgment, as Tunnel only lasted a season. But I don’t see too many people mourning the loss of Project Tic Toc. -pm

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