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September 24th, 2001

The Ballgame

This Saturday, after a long day of moving, my pal Greg treated our moving crew to a fine ballgame at Comiskey Park. I’m not a huge fan of sports anymore – really, my interest varies – but there’s always a spot in my heart for baseball.

Saturday night’s game tested that resolve. The game itself lasted a good four hours, and only had one extra inning. The pace? Slow, rather uninteresting. Only the winning sac fly in the bottom of the 10th brought numerous cheers to the fans that remained; the fireworks show after the game helped.

We were treated to a myriad fireworks, most of which were set to songs of Americana – though I will admit I’m getting very very tired of hearing “I’m Proud to Be an American”. But the fireworks only capped off the entire game experience, for even though the game itself was a tad slow, the ability to eat nachos and Dippin’ Dots was worth it.

Do you enjoy ballgames? Do you see them often? And do you laugh at the drunkard in your section, as I do? -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday September 24, 2001 -- 9:59:49AM
I used to go to Vet Stadium a lot to see the Phils play as a kid, but my recent trip with workfolk to see the O's play was the first time I had been in eight years. I had a great time... it's just nice to be outside at night watching the game, even if you really don't know much about the teams. :)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday September 24, 2001 -- 10:08:35AM
I am slowly growing to dislike sports, especially seeing them in person. The only fun I've really ever had at a game has been seeing the Capitols play. That might have had more to do with the group I was with than the game itself.

FROM: Chris Shaver
DATE: Monday September 24, 2001 -- 11:30:05AM
I love going to see games, esp. baseball. I saw the Orioles play in Memorial Stadium their last season there I have have seen them once at Camden Yards. I just love the baseball stadium atmosphere. I have had some great times at minor league games in Norfolk, VA, Richmond, VA, and Altoona, PA. Even if the game is boring there is always someone or something to watch. And it seems as if some of the friendliest people in the world attend baseball games.

DATE: Monday September 24, 2001 -- 12:19:58PM
As far as I can remember, I've only ever been to one baseball game in my entire life. My dad took me to it. I think my older brother came, too. I believe the Red Sox were playing the Royals, but I can't be sure. We were sort of behind a pole. I can't remember if I had a good time or not.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday September 24, 2001 -- 12:22:02PM
Rob: You're more likely to sit behind Poles at a Cubs of White Sox game.

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Monday September 24, 2001 -- 1:17:04PM
I much prefer to watch just about any sporting event in person than on television -- except for maybe (American) football. For baseball, basketball and hockey, you're much closer to the action than in football.

My favorite spectator pro sport is baseball though. For one, usually the weather is nice. Also, because of the slow pace, you have more opportunity to talk with friends at the game. Also because of the pace, you have opportunity to "interact" -- i.e. heckle. You get to shout out your two-bits to the manager on every decision: pull the pitcher, hit and run, etc.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday September 25, 2001 -- 1:02:06AM
I think you should follow my plan and buy stock into dippin dots right now. They are afterall the "ice cream of the future," so your investment will pay off down the road.
Did someone say nachos?

FROM: Sk1dzz
DATE: Monday October 1, 2001 -- 5:15:51PM
I've always been a fairly avid sports fan (and to a slightly lesser extent, baseball fan), but I find I'm enjoying baseball more and more.
I also agree with the majority that baseball is a much better game in person. I do the whole package, keep score, eat peanuts, drink beer, etc. I was at the new Pittsburgh ballpark with my Dad a couple of months ago and it was a perfect experience. The Pirates (even though they suck) played a great game. Todd Ritchie took a no-hitter into the ninth (unfortunately, losing it) and the Pirates won 1-0 in the bottom of the ninth. The only thing that could have made the whole night better would be seeing a no-hitter in person, but all in all, a wonderful evening spent with dear ol' dad.

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