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September 24th, 2001

The Ballgame

This Saturday, after a long day of moving, my pal Greg treated our moving crew to a fine ballgame at Comiskey Park. I’m not a huge fan of sports anymore – really, my interest varies – but there’s always a spot in my heart for baseball.

Saturday night’s game tested that resolve. The game itself lasted a good four hours, and only had one extra inning. The pace? Slow, rather uninteresting. Only the winning sac fly in the bottom of the 10th brought numerous cheers to the fans that remained; the fireworks show after the game helped.

We were treated to a myriad fireworks, most of which were set to songs of Americana – though I will admit I’m getting very very tired of hearing “I’m Proud to Be an American”. But the fireworks only capped off the entire game experience, for even though the game itself was a tad slow, the ability to eat nachos and Dippin’ Dots was worth it.

Do you enjoy ballgames? Do you see them often? And do you laugh at the drunkard in your section, as I do? -pm

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