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September 25th, 2001

All You Ever Wanted to Know…

My first job was as a cage cleaner at a dog kennel when I was 13. In the two weeks that I worked there, I learned a lot about excrement. Too much. Like: if, during the night, a door to the outside closes on a small cage housing three full-sized Rottweilers, you want to avoid that cage until someone else cleans it up. Rottweilers can make quite the mess when they’re in an enclosed space.

But even during those two weeks, I didn’t learn anywhere as much as this woman. -ram

Posted in Miscellaneous

FROM: Viren
DATE: Tuesday September 25, 2001 -- 8:25:44AM
Amusing...and weird. Though I finally did get a explanation of the phrase "taking a dump".

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday September 25, 2001 -- 9:51:08AM
Ryan: I'm going to start calling you "Mr Ass".

FROM: Monica
DATE: Tuesday September 25, 2001 -- 4:09:21PM
re: green poop--mmmmmmm, cake frosting...

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