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September 28th, 2001

Peanut Butter and…

Back when I was a kid, I enjoyed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The real kind – none of this prepackaged stuff. But since then, I’ve found that a peanut butter sandwich by itself is pretty darned good… not to mention Fluffernutters.

I’ve also learned that people are pretty persnickety when approaching peanut butter perfection. I prefer plain, but some prefer peanut butter with a chocolate spread, and some prefer it with Nutella. What do you like? Remember: the odder, the better. -pm

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday September 27, 2001 -- 11:16:08PM
Could someone please explain to me what in the hell Nutella is?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday September 27, 2001 -- 11:19:28PM
I remember my friend Chris introduced me to the world of Peanut Butter and Margerine sandwiches...

FROM: Patrick
DATE: Friday September 28, 2001 -- 8:59:32AM
Nutella is a chocolate and hazlenut spread. The Nutella US Website

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Friday September 28, 2001 -- 9:34:41AM
I was always served peanut butter with slices-of-bananna sandwiches.

FROM: Barbara
DATE: Friday September 28, 2001 -- 10:10:22AM
Peanut butter and honey was my combo of choice.

FROM: Scott
DATE: Friday September 28, 2001 -- 10:31:05AM
I love peanut butter. It is one of my favorite foods. I generally eat it plain, right out of the jar with a spoon.

FROM: brant
DATE: Friday September 28, 2001 -- 1:56:33PM
peanut butter, i eat at least 1/4 cup a day. nutella is huge in europe but i cant get over that preservative taste. its all about super chunky natural peanut butter. arrowhead mills is the best, but i can rarely afford it.

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Friday September 28, 2001 -- 5:50:50PM
Did you guys know they're making plastic wrapped peanut butter slices now? Like Kraft cheese singles, I think.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Sunday September 30, 2001 -- 10:40:49PM
PB and M&Ms is great. PB and potato chips too!

FROM: John
DATE: Friday February 15, 2002 -- 2:05:01 pm
peanut butter mixed together with maple syrup

FROM: chantal
DATE: Saturday February 23, 2002 -- 12:00:56 am
CMON! you all are missing out! for.. *counts* about 5 years now, ive been eating *drum roll!!*... peanut butter, jelly and tacobell mild sauce! (the ones you get in the little packets. and ONLY mild.. the others will taste gross.) its the best stuff in the world!

FROM: Mike B.
DATE: Thursday July 4, 2002 -- 11:43:32 am
My father always said Goober Grape was good (Jelly and PB in the same jar.) I dunno...

DATE: Friday July 5, 2002 -- 4:01:50 pm
I can't eat too much peanut butter. Peanuts are BEANS, you know. I can't stand myself after eating peanut butter, either. Whew!! I can only imagine adding taco sauce to the mix. Good Lord.

FROM: King Random
DATE: Friday July 5, 2002 -- 4:09:38 pm
Its all about the crunchy peanut butter on bread. About a half inch of peanut butter on a slice, and then put another slice on top, and then put another slab of PB on. and then another slice of bread. If you can open your mouth after eating that, I commend you. But it is still all the peanut buttery goodness.

FROM: Scott, Jim, and God
DATE: Thursday July 11, 2002 -- 11:52:28 am
My friends and I just saw Mr. Deeds a few days back- great movie!!!! So we had to try to make a peanut butter and oreo pizza. Granted in the movie it was oreos and french fries, and then peanut butter and gumballs, but we had to alter it- so we ordered the pizza, and when it came we spread the peanut butter on it like it was a sammich. Then we put one oreo on each piece. The peanut butter is heated by the pizza, and sticks to the roof of your mouth- I tell you you've never eaten until you've tried this pizza- It is great

DATE: Friday July 12, 2002 -- 4:47:20 pm
Ack! My stomach is turning. How did you spread peanut butter onto slippery tomato sauce? In short, I must refuse to believe you (only because doing so quiets my panicked stomach again).

FROM: Peebo Jenkins
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 8:38:40 am
hmmm well i prefer PEANUT BUTTER AND GUMBALLS!! mmm my favorite!! from time to tiime i enjoy eating peanut butter and war veterans.. but not usually..

FROM: Kate
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 4:11:27 pm
Peanut butter and pickles!! It really is good, I promise.

FROM: Carly [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 2, 2005 -- 12:48:17 am
peanut butter and gumballs.. yes.. and peanut butter and GOLFballs.. and peanut butter and stray kittens.. and peanut butter and porn.. yep. thats all for now..

FROM: Aaron [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 2, 2005 -- 1:54:43 am
...Wolf & Charizma!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 2, 2005 -- 9:34:07 am
Aaron, you win!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday March 2, 2005 -- 1:22:24 pm

nutella is huge in europe but i cant get over that preservative taste

That's stale nutella. It tends to get dusty and stale on the shelves here in the US at traditional grocers. I've seen it on shelves and can tell by the label that it's a number of years old. You've got to go to a so-called foreign grocery to get it, where the foreigners buy it and keep the fresh stock moving. When the Nutella's fresh, life just doesn't get any better.

I also like peanut butter and jelly on toast warmed in the oven. Not weird, but good.

FROM: dave
DATE: Sunday April 24, 2005 -- 1:27:54 pm
peanut butter and baked beans. it is amazing.

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday April 24, 2005 -- 3:47:01 pm
Giant's new line of organic food includes unsalted almond butter....I am anxious to try it out!

FROM: Elvis
DATE: Tuesday August 22, 2006 -- 6:22:24 am
Sliced bread slightly buttered on the outside and filled with peanut butter and banana slices then fried 'til the sandwich is slightly crisp and golden. They say this made Elvis fat - 'twas one of his faves (and mine too)!

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