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October 6th, 2001

The Bookstore

Preface: you don’t need to tell me how big bookstores are affecting smaller ones; I try to patronize the smaller ones as well as the big chains.

Last night I visited a Barnes & Noble bookstore. Walking through the aisles of books, books, and more books, I felt kind of odd there. Not because I’m not an avid bookreader, but because the entire environment felt sterile to me for the first time. Although these bookstores use rich wood panels and bookshelves, have decent carpeting, and fine lighting… they’re all the same, everywhere.

No revelations yet. But I think the big thing that hit me was… there was an entire Starbucks built-in to this bookstore, and I didn’t even realize it. I just kind of expected it. Yes, going to Borders and B&N for years has now conditioned me into expecting a cafe or coffee shop inside a bookstore.

Ultimately, I think we should just combine Starbucks, McDonald’s, Walgreens, and Borders into one megasuperhuge store and be done with it. -pm

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