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April 27th, 2000

Sea Monkeys: Magic Crystal Beings

Yeah, I had Sea Monkeys when I was a kid, but this page that lets you announce the birth of your Sea Monkeys is scary. Equally scary is the main site that the previous page came from. -ram

Posted in Childhood Memories

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday April 27, 2000 -- 9:50:25PM
I've had Sea Monkeys, too (sounds like a disease or a rock band, doesn't it?) Curious: what exactly ARE they?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday April 28, 2000 -- 2:59:17PM
Paul -- That's the eternal question! According to the FAQ:

Q. What exactly are Sea-Monkeys®?
A. From the Official Sea-Monkey® Handbook: Sea-Monkeys® are a
variety of Artemia which are crustaceans such as Brine Shrimp or Seed Shrimps. Their correct latin name is Artemia nyos
("after the New York Ocean Science Laboratories where the
hybrid Sea-Monkeys were developed.")


DATE: Sunday April 15, 2001 -- 10:45:43AM

FROM: David Gorman
DATE: Wednesday December 19, 2001 -- 3:13:48PM
Am I the only person in the world who thinks selling sea monkeys as toys is wrong?
They are living animals but they're sold as "The Living Toy" this kind of trivalisation of owning a pet is the kind of thing that leads on to Puppies being bought because they look fun and later being disgarded, Sea monkeys are living creatures and for those owners who act responsibly with them and create a realistic and healthy envroment they are great fun, but how many owners really treat them like this and how many will just put them in the plastic carry container, forget to feed them, and then poor them down the sink when they get bored? This is not because these people are neccesarily "bad" it is because Artemia Nyos is sold as a toy and because of this people trest them like toys.

FROM: Gengar
DATE: Wednesday December 19, 2001 -- 3:17:48PM

FROM: thatblokeoverthere
DATE: Sunday February 9, 2003 -- 5:27:53 pm
For the point about those who neglect Sea Monkeys because they think they're not alive, I agree, it's a valid point but it's explained a little by a simple fact of life; Idiots are everywhere.

The people who get bored and commit the poor little buggers to the sewers are the same kind of folk who buy puppies and then give them away 6 months later or worse.

In my opinion, living creatures and children don't mix - puppies, hamsters, goldfish, whatever. In the UK, Sea Monkeys are sold primarily as an adult 'toy', which I suppose is half the battle in making sure they aren't tortured or executed by infants, if not the fully grown and stupid.

DATE: Thursday May 8, 2003 -- 8:34:53 pm

FROM: Hmmmmmm
DATE: Thursday May 8, 2003 -- 8:43:27 pm
Okay - second time typing this stupid message, but for some reason I am compelled to respond to these freaks.

So, NEWS FLASH - These are brine shrimp we are talking about, not puppies. Brine Shrimp are biological lottery winners... the darn things will outlast us by millions of years. Letting them dry up may kill the adults but the eggs will just wait until the right circumstance comes around again. Flushing them - same thing - adults may not like your toilet water, but the eggs will keep on forever. (just about).
In my opinion, the benefits of kids learning about the life cycle, getting excited about biology, and maybe getting a little respect how to take care of things far outweigh the damage of "committing the poor little buggers to the sewers.

FROM: sea mokey killer
DATE: Monday October 27, 2003 -- 3:34:39 am
i kill sea monkeys all the time i just buy them then kill them.... they are time travelers they say..... how stup... also they actually make u pay 8 bucks for a sea monkey diploma... isent that lame as me?

FROM: peter
DATE: Monday November 10, 2003 -- 3:39:31 pm
sea monkeys arent really alive (unlike what those environmental nazis want you to think.) even says that they are basically genetically enginered brine shrimp made for this. they wont be extinct and they dont have feelings, plain and simple. plus it is fun to kill them.

FROM: nobjgfndd
DATE: Thursday February 19, 2004 -- 5:37:00 pm

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday February 19, 2004 -- 7:20:31 pm
How profound.

Then again, according to South Park, if you mix your Sea Monkeys with "sea men", You get very interesting results.... (Episode 607)

FROM: Mike
DATE: Sunday April 18, 2004 -- 9:23:40 am
You guys are nuts. Sea monkeys are shrimp. They have feelings. It's fine to keep them as pets. They will not live in the sewer. Most children learn NOTHING from them, but most children learn nothing anywhere, so they'll grow up to be idiots regardless. However, some children have learned a lot from them. They are an interesting organism to study, and thrive with relatively little care. That's why they're fine as pets for older children (by older I mean mental age, not chronological age. I once new a 14 year old American boy who didn't know who the winner of the American Civil Was)

FROM: angie gosling
DATE: Monday May 31, 2004 -- 3:22:07 pm
Hi just got some sea monkeys, i think they are great, beats goldfish any day! My first batch died, sob sob, but tomorrow i lay a new batch, and hopefully they will survive. from angie.

DATE: Friday July 23, 2004 -- 7:34:28 pm
Well I just wondering if anybody could tell how big these little critters get? Do you know?

FROM: anon
DATE: Saturday July 31, 2004 -- 6:09:37 am
Sea monkeys are realy quiet small and fragile; thier tank needs re-oxygenating every day as far as i know. They also need a water purifier unlike triops or fish.

FROM: anon
DATE: Saturday July 31, 2004 -- 9:16:22 am
Try hybriding sea monkeys with fish,clam shrimps, triops or other things and see what you get.

FROM: yowza
DATE: Monday October 4, 2004 -- 12:55:00 am
me and my bro just baught some c monkey eggs his didn't even hatch and i havn't even put mine in the water but did u know that the eggs can b kept 4 50years cool hunh

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:21:09 pm

FROM: hannah
DATE: Sunday February 20, 2005 -- 1:38:17 pm
i have lots of sea monkeys i have 10/50 of them

FROM: cmonkeys
DATE: Sunday May 22, 2005 -- 3:59:28 am
i think they are cool and fun to have!!!!

FROM: Manga
DATE: Tuesday August 2, 2005 -- 1:28:20 am
Whoopie! One of my sea monkeys just had kids ^_^

FROM: sheree
DATE: Friday August 19, 2005 -- 5:40:42 am
i just got c monkeys! im 15 but i still think there kool!!! any 1 that loves sea monkeys like me write 2 me at

FROM: sheree
DATE: Friday August 19, 2005 -- 5:42:19 am add me and write im u luv c munkys

DATE: Saturday December 31, 2005 -- 4:37:58 pm
Where can u get 'em?

FROM: what ever u feel like callin me
DATE: Sunday January 1, 2006 -- 3:03:35 pm
Would they maybe be at wal-mart? Thats bout the only place I ever go!

DATE: Tuesday January 24, 2006 -- 1:59:05 am
I just recently got my first batch of sea monkeys and put the eggs in two days ago. I still can't really see any movement of any kind. I can barely see these little specks floating near the top of the water, but I haven't really seen any of them moving. Should I take that they didn't hatch properly or that perhaps they just died?

FROM: mel
DATE: Tuesday January 24, 2006 -- 2:53:25 pm
I like the transition from "sea monkeys" to "c monkeys". I'm wondering if I'll still be able to read in 10 years...

FROM: triops
DATE: Saturday February 18, 2006 -- 8:04:37 pm
triops are wayyyyyyyyy kooler

FROM: Debi
DATE: Tuesday July 4, 2006 -- 12:46:53 am
I love sea monkeys or c monkeys. Also loved the Southpark episode! I have a small tank that has no extra equipment, and I oxygenate them daily by pouring them into another container back and forth about 5 times. They LOVE it!

I feed them every 2-3 days contrary to what the instructions say, and they are mating, fighting, having tons of babies, and the adults are at least 1/2 inch long.

For those of you who enjoy killing your c monkeys, I think it's great that you're killing them and not your kids. Or maybe I have it all wrong, and it should be the other way around?

Not sure, but I'm not really interested in what you're killing or raising - I'm really only interested in me and mine and we don't usually try to kill anything unless it gets in our way. You must have an unnatural fear of minute water creatures or else you are very tiny and your c monkeys are very big and scary.

I think there is therapy for that, but then again, it could just be a form of entertainment, and you're certainly entitled to have a good time!

Thanks for letting me share!

FROM: lauren
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 12:41:18 pm
where do u get sea monkeys from

FROM: Leslie
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 5:30:25 pm
Sea Monkeys are a big rip-off! Mine didn't wear crowns or carry tiny tridents like the ad in Archie Comics!!!

FROM: to lauren
DATE: Monday August 7, 2006 -- 5:03:53 pm
go to the store, and buy a copy of boy's life magazine. you will find sea monkeys right next to the chameleon and quail eggs adds.

alex January 11, 2007, 2:14 am

u people are so crule i gues u people just don’t know that sea monkeys are living and not meant to kill. im sure that if u were a sea monkey u wouldn’t want to be killed. p.s. if u did want to be killed u are veeeeeeeeeerrrry stupid.

alex January 11, 2007, 2:33 am

if ur sea monkey cage gets gunk or slime in it remove it quikly. sea monkeys can get caught in it and die.

p.s. u can get sea monkeys on ebay, target, or toys r us

[answering raid] January 11, 2007, 2:39 am

NO. i also have the mars container it does not have an entrance

Diana January 30, 2007, 3:59 am

How old are you people? Why are you debating (somewhat poorly) the life of sea monkeys? Granted that their eggs can remain viable for years before hatching – that doesn’t mean that the shrimp aren’t actually alive. That’s like waiting for bird’s eggs to hatch and then declaring the chicks are actually some trick of the mind; some fun toy that we get to raise and kill when we want to; just because it came out of an egg that existed outside of the mother for any period of time.

They are shrimp, they are alive, and it is wrong to cause any animal to expire to satisfy your boredom. Try reading a book, it might do you some good.

Gloria April 26, 2007, 8:41 pm

I just got some sea monkeys and there fun to watch it didnt take but a day for a lot of mine to hatch .. Its cool to watch your kids watch them swim lookin like they have wings …

productsupport June 13, 2007, 6:03 pm

does anyone remember a pill looking thing that you would drop in a jar of water and in a few days you would have crystal like mountains? (Around the same time sea monkeys were at there peak)

Ryan June 13, 2007, 6:11 pm

Yes — and I had them. I think they were called “Magic Rocks” or something like that. They were actually pretty darn cool.

sea monkey lover July 21, 2007, 1:14 am

i soooooooooooooooo want sea monkeys they look so cool! i hope my dad or mom can get them for me!!!!!!!!!11

Sea Monkey Geek July 29, 2007, 9:55 am

Sea Monkeys are and always have been marketed as “instant pets.” The emphasis on them being pets, living creatures, is stressed throughout the instructions as well.
I learned about respecting life and about being responsible by having Sea Monkeys as a kid. It also helped to start a life long interest in science. The booklets that come with the kits are very informative and encourage further reading. I worked at an aquarium (there’s that interest in science continuing) and I think the gold fish bowls were terrible, way worse than Sea Monkey kits.

Taylah November 25, 2007, 10:59 am

Can u bread sea monkeys if so how do u do that

Ryan November 26, 2007, 4:45 am

First you coat them in an egg wash, them dip them in your breading, and then fry them up…

olivia December 1, 2007, 8:12 pm

Hey! watch what you say about kids because i’ve got sea monkeys i’ve had for two years straigh! so if you think no kid cares about sea monkeys,YOU ARE SOOOOO WRONG!

sara September 24, 2008, 11:29 am

hi i am sort of scared of sea monkeys what can i do i wannna kill them but my daugter does not allow me how can stop being scared !!

John February 2, 2009, 10:19 am

Now adays you can get snails that live very well with sea monkeys. They are called coco snails and they do great job cleaning the sides of your ocean-veiwer from all that algae gunk.

dae han September 17, 2009, 1:15 am

hey my friend called noah had sea monkeys for his birthday and then he did it wrong so they never hached.

i am getting sea monkeys on ebay and im not sure they have them on walmart

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