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October 17th, 2001

First Memory

I was talking with Huyen the other day about our earliest memories. She remembers back to being four years old in California, just shortly after having come over from Vietnam. One of my earliest and most vivid memories is of my Aunt Clara’s house in Delaware, a house that she moved out of when I about five. And, this is kind of strange, I remember remembering a brief flash of the house that we lived in when I was born… we moved out of that house before I turned two.

I think it’s pretty incredible the things that we can remember, but it also makes me wonder exactly why it is that we don’t have more vivid memories of our early years. I would think that when I’m 50 I’ll have a pretty good memory of things that happened when I was 25… how come there isn’t at least some memory from 25 years ago now? -ram

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Sian January 20, 2007, 9:58 am

i remember when i was 8 months old.. i was walking around the garden in a roller-walker thingy.

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