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October 18th, 2001

The Clue Crew

I’ve been a longtime fan of Jeopardy! But ever since Sony bought it and Wheel of Fortune a few years ago, there have been notable changes in the show. New sets, I can handle. When they changed the music during Final Jeopardy!, I was annoyed a bit… but eventually accepted it.

A few weeks back, Alex came out without a mustache, introducing the Clue Crew. They were introduced during a kiddie week, so I figured that they were temporary. I wish. Now, the Clue Crew is on every show. They act as the cluegivers during a few clues, or during an entire category. It doesn’t help that they’re all annoying. Very annoying. Hit the fast forward button on your TiVo annoying.

The Clue Crew really dumbs down Jeopardy! at a time when Jeopardy! doesn’t need dumbing down – I want tough-as-nails shows again, like the 80s and early 90s shows. Some categories have been rough recently, as evidenced by a recent one-day $1601 champion, but lose this fluffy stuff. -pm

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