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November 15th, 2001


Like most kids, I was into super heroes as a kid. One of my favorite cartoons was Superfriends, which featured all the big names (Batman and Robin, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman) and a few of the lesser superheroes (Hawkman, Samurai). I remember having an especially keen eye for when the colors on the bat on Batman’s chest were momentarily inverted. The same went for Robin’s “R.” The fascination with the Superfriends lay dormant until college, when I taped six hours of a marathon and actually ended up sampling heavily from one episode for a song I did called “Supa Man” (where I also sampled Tony Orlando and Dawn, but that’s another story).

This past weekend, Cartoon Network’s Boomerang ran a full weekend of Superfriends episodes. I was especially psyched to catch the first episode of Challenge of the Superfriends, which pitted the full Justice League of America crew against the Legion of Doom (that Scarecrow was one cool ass villain). And this Saturday, Cartoon Network will debut the new Justice League series.

Be sure to check out the Brunching Shuttlecocks take on some of the Friends. And rest well tonight knowing that I still have the Superfriends bedsheets that I had as a kid, complete with Marvin, Wendy, and Wonderdog (in the pose seen here). -ram

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FROM: liz
DATE: Thursday November 15, 2001 -- 12:43:08PM
have you seen harvey birdman, attorney at law on cartoon network's adult swim? apparently he was a superfriend? i don't know, because i didn't watch it as a kid, but the new stuff is pretty funny. all of adult swim is, actually.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Thursday November 15, 2001 -- 2:46:43PM
Oh, the Justice League of America! It had Aquaman, and naturally my brother had Aquaman underwear. I personally had wonder woman underwear. A couple of childhood stories:

1. Out parents had us wear said underwear for Halloween costumes. What? Isn't that morally wrong or something?

2. My sister told my brother that she had Superman's phone number. She wrote down some random number and my brother called it, looking for Superman.

3. My brother also thought that you could write anything down on the label of an audiocassette, and that's what would then be on the tape. So he wrote down "Justice League of America" in hopes that it would become an audio tape of the show. (it didn't work)

FROM: Tina
DATE: Thursday November 15, 2001 -- 3:07:56PM
I consider it a wasted day if I don't say "Wonder Twin Powers.... ACTIVATE!" at least once every 24 hours. Go Gleek!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday November 15, 2001 -- 4:22:32PM
Elizabeth -- Priceless.

Liz -- Harvey Birdman... no, haven't seen it... will have to check for it.

FROM: Ben Grimm
DATE: Thursday November 15, 2001 -- 5:59:56PM
I grew up with Superfriends too (along with reruns of the old Batman and Superman TV series), but you have to admit now that the were pretty lame. The Batman and Superman animated series done in the 1990s are of much better quality, and luckily the team responsible for those is also doing the new Justice League show.

By the way, nowadays most superhero comics are aimed at an adult audience. DC's top seller is Green Arrow, written by film director Kevin Smith. Issue #1 of the relaunch last spring had a scene showing Green Arrow orally pleasuring the Black Canary!!!

- the lurker who always uses a Fantastic Four alias every time he posts

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday November 15, 2001 -- 7:10:42PM
Note to self: Must start paying attention to Green Arrow.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday November 16, 2001 -- 1:01:19AM
Yes, one of my alltime favorite cartoons. Anything with Aquaman and Green Lantern gets my vote.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:50:33 pm

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