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November 29th, 2001


There seems to be a lot more creative television on this season compared to the last five years. Shows like 24, Bernie Mac, and Undeclared are some real winners of the new season. But the one that has surprised me most is Smallville.

The idea behind Smallville is simple: it’s Clark Kent growing up as Superboy, learning about his powers. It’s set in modern times and on the surface looks almost like it might be just another Dawson’s Creek, but in reality, it’s so much more. The casting for the series is absolutely perfect. Tom Welling as Clark Kent is utterly likable (he was also in the pilot of Undeclared), the absolutely gorgeous Kristin Kreuk plays the perfect “girl next door” as Lana Lang (seen also on Edgemont, some show I’ve never seen), and Michael Rosenbaum looks great with a bald head as the young Lex Luthor (he also does the voice for The Flash on the new Justice League series) round out the top-level cast extremely well. The supporting cast is equally as strong and I sincerely hope that Smallville gets a good, long run. It’s one of the few shows in the last decade that I’ve looked forward to with anticipation each week. -ram

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