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November 29th, 2001


There seems to be a lot more creative television on this season compared to the last five years. Shows like 24, Bernie Mac, and Undeclared are some real winners of the new season. But the one that has surprised me most is Smallville.

The idea behind Smallville is simple: it’s Clark Kent growing up as Superboy, learning about his powers. It’s set in modern times and on the surface looks almost like it might be just another Dawson’s Creek, but in reality, it’s so much more. The casting for the series is absolutely perfect. Tom Welling as Clark Kent is utterly likable (he was also in the pilot of Undeclared), the absolutely gorgeous Kristin Kreuk plays the perfect “girl next door” as Lana Lang (seen also on Edgemont, some show I’ve never seen), and Michael Rosenbaum looks great with a bald head as the young Lex Luthor (he also does the voice for The Flash on the new Justice League series) round out the top-level cast extremely well. The supporting cast is equally as strong and I sincerely hope that Smallville gets a good, long run. It’s one of the few shows in the last decade that I’ve looked forward to with anticipation each week. -ram

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FROM: Tina
DATE: Thursday November 29, 2001 -- 12:23:49PM
It's nice to hear that other people enjoy that show as much as I do. Did you know that John Schneider (Clark's dad) used to be Bo Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard? yikes!

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday November 29, 2001 -- 1:00:15PM
I found out the premise of the show the week before it hit the air and it sounded awesome. Unfortunately, I have not seen any full episodes. Maybe one day I will.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday November 29, 2001 -- 1:13:50PM
No -- I wasn't aware of the DoH connection... very cool. He was also "Teen in Coors Beer t-shirt" in Smokey and the Bandit. :)

FROM: Ben Grimm
DATE: Friday November 30, 2001 -- 5:12:14PM
More Smallville trivia for you youngsters: Annette O'Toole, who plays Mrs. Kent, played Lana Lang in Superman III!!!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday November 30, 2001 -- 11:53:48PM
Good catch, Ben! I knew I recognized her from somewhere...

FROM: Adam
DATE: Saturday January 19, 2002 -- 12:10:51 am
I absolutely love Smallville, but I do wonder if anyone else noticed how much Smallville is like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which just left WB)? Teenager with superpowers dealing with normal problems as well as their own special problems... just wants to be normal...

By the way, no one mentioned that Michael Rosenbaum also starred in the failed Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane.

FROM: teague molloy
DATE: Wednesday April 23, 2003 -- 1:16:22 pm
smallville is my favorite show. u people don't like it as much as i do. my sis loves michael rosenbaum!!!!!

FROM: Tina
DATE: Thursday October 23, 2003 -- 9:10:26 am
I was watching Smallville last night, and I had an epiphany for a plot twist! How about this: the meteor enegies overwhelm the town in some strange way, and next thing you know....Naked Smallville! The ratings would go through the roof! I mean, who on that show wouldn't you want to see naked - tastefully done, of course, and completely unpredictable!! ;) Now THAT's what I call television.

Yes, I watch WAAAAY too much TV.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday October 23, 2003 -- 9:52:57 am
Tina -- did you notice how for Lana they've used a body double twice now -- once for the "Bad Lana" episode and for last night's early dream sequence?

FROM: Tina
DATE: Thursday October 23, 2003 -- 9:57:47 am
Yeah, I'm sure you're right about the body she'd ever strip - whatta prude. That skinny dipping scene gave me the idea for Naked Smallville. When they were getting undressed, I'm like, "now this is more like it!" and settled in for the (what I thought) inevitable porno music accompaniment....only to be miserably disappointed! What a gyp!

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