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December 14th, 2001

The King of TV

A number of years ago I was listening to the Johnny B. radio show, per usual. He brought on a guy called the self-proclaimed “King of TV”, Paul Goebel. I thought, “Well, I’ll find out if he supports my ‘non-evil Paul’ theory.” But this guy… this guy was a pretender to the throne.

The questions Johnny doled out were tough, and when he brought contestants on to challenge the King, they were given questions of the same difficulty. It was on equal footing, so to speak. But I noticed something: I was getting every one of these questions right, far in advance of the so-called King.

I tried on numerous attempts to call in and beat the King at his own game, but it wasn’t to be. Instead, I continued to listen as show after show, the King either gave out incorrect answers, or slowly-constructed ones. I was amazed that this guy could get a reputation as the King without knowing a large amount. Then they mentioned that he watched 14,000 hours of TV in his life. Well, okay, I suppose that’s a qualifier….

In any event, the so-called King is now appearing on Beat the Geeks. Be sure to see someone with a bit of bluffing, a good amount of knowledge, and huge sideburns in action. -pm

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FROM: fresh
DATE: Friday December 14, 2001 -- 10:32:28AM
can we stop talking about that crappy show? also its harder with an audience than when your at home with a cold beer and a bag of chips

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday December 14, 2001 -- 11:09:00AM
Just for you fresh, my next five Pings will all deal with Beat the Geeks.

FROM: fresh
DATE: Friday December 14, 2001 -- 3:20:38PM
'preciate it. you may want to stay away from any other crappy show on now. this is an invitation to speak of them all the time thank you

FROM: Greg
DATE: Friday December 14, 2001 -- 3:34:20PM
Paul is the real King of Television. One thing I've learned in my life is not to play any television trivia game against Paul... you'll get your butt kicked. That and Boggle.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday December 14, 2001 -- 4:47:11PM
No offense to Paul (but much offense to the "King to TV"), but I must say that being a master of TV trivia is a just a dressed-up way of admitting you sit on your ass a lot and have nothing at all to contribute to society. Still, the "King of TV" is probably the least offensive Geek on that show.

FROM: paul goebel
DATE: Sunday December 16, 2001 -- 12:11:56PM
Firstly, thanks for the link.
As far as not contributing to society, I have two daughters and I substitute teach IN ADDITION TO watching and talking about TV trivia.
I'm sorry, Robert that your life is so pathetic that you feel the need to criticize somone you know nothing about.
Also, to those of you who don't like the show...don't watch. For those who do, thank you for your support.
Lastly, I have become much better since being on the Johnny B show "a number of years ago," and as I always say, I don't know everything about TV, I just know more than you. Doubt me? Bring it on!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday December 16, 2001 -- 12:40:34PM
Wow, I've been touched by a king. How can the rest of life ever live up to this?

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday December 16, 2001 -- 12:42:42PM
And do I need to point out how sad it is that this King of TV searches the internet to find out who's talking about him (assuming this really is him posting)? LLLAAAMMMEEE!!!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday December 16, 2001 -- 1:43:53PM
Robert -- Oh, admit it, you do searches on your own name, too! I know I do. :)

I'd be willing to bet he was just flipping through his access logs and saw the thousands (or half a dozen) hits he got from the Ping. :)

I vote for a Paul versus Paul battle of TV knowledge, right here on the Ping!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday December 16, 2001 -- 4:46:13PM
I'll give the King his due for taking his talents as far as he has. Such is the glory of the freedoms this country allows. But at the same time, I am just as free to comment on any aspect of it as I see fit. Going as far as emailing me to complain and (I suppose facetiously) telling me to kill myelf is just petty.

FROM: Paul Goebel
DATE: Sunday December 16, 2001 -- 7:24:32PM
It was merely a suggestion.

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