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April 17th, 2004


Have you ever thought to yourself, “My, I could use an MP3 player that’s only 50k in size?” Well, guess what? There is one and it’s called 1by1 (written by the same guy that wrote the wonderfully compact mp3directcut). It’s a very basic player, but those that prefer Pine to Outlook will appreciate its simplicity, speed, and text-based appearance.

Any other favorite especially tiny programs you’d like to share? (That reminds me, check out if you haven’t seen it before.)

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday April 17, 2004 -- 6:39:09 am
For playing simple .wav files, I still love the old school Sound Recorder program instead of Media Player. It loads up so much faster for just quick playing of small cuts.

I love Pine, too. However, since Pine doesn't sync up to my PocketPC, I'm kinda stuck with Outlook.

FROM: M. [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday April 11, 2005 -- 9:46:49 pm
Good call on 1by1. And thanks for the tip on TinyApps!

Will 1By1 work on PocketPC's? 1By1 is "unzippable & clickable" (no installation--you make your own shortcuts--cool). Therefore it might work? I don't know how much Pocket PC code differs from standard Windows code (whether you can run TinyApps/clickables on them). I was thinking that a PocketPC with 1By1 would be loads better for the money than a dedicated hard-disk media player!

I found 1By1 after going on a 6-hour quest to find a "Windows Explorer/File Manager" interface/style player which could play Ogg, and preferably other formats like WMV, in addition to standards like MP3 and WAV. I had previously relied on "MP3 Folders" (another freeware program), but it only plays MP3 and WAV. I finally found 1By1 Directory Player, right before I was ready to give up!

1by1 is very powerful and customizable, and while it takes some time to track down in_wave.dll, in_vorbis.dll, in_CDReader.dll, in_wm.dll and the other Winamp 1.x plugins you might need (MP3 is now natively supported), your time is well rewarded (some plugin versions work better than others--Ogg Vorbis works well).

Virtually all players rely on dreaded playlists to play more than a single file at a time! Who wants to screw with that?!

1by1 has great, logical keyboard control, and lots of hidden features, but with good documentation; only a few features are not listed or explained in the html help file.

Maybe the author will get a Paypal account or something so Americans can donate to him; this software is worth donating a few to him.

Nearest-best directory player with such broad format support is probably Ufony (payware), but Ufony lacks proper keyboard controls, and despite having a slicker-looking interface, is far less-customizable and is more quirky (for instance, the current version of Ufony doesn't recognize Ogg ID3 tags).

With the right free plugins, 1by1 will play (in addition to MP3/2) Ogg, wav, wma (kind of unstable; versions matter), Audio CD's (a cool feature), and WAV. I have not tried the MP4 plugin but I found it.

Hopefully the Ogg community will wake up to this program, which is in the true spirit of Ogg itself (and LAME, for that matter). Thanks for spreading the w3rd.

Martin Pesch is the developer, and the site for his programs is (get it?).

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