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December 13th, 2001

Miss Cleo

Ever since I first saw that Miss Cleo ad on television and screamed out, “What a fake Carribean accent!” I knew she’d become a phenomenon. And she has… between the lawsuits… and more lawsuitsand more lawsuits, she’s become a household name. So let’s find a little more about her on the web…

On her LiveJournal, she says, “Remember, babies… Fear is overcome by love. Or ganga. But den you have paranoia to overcome. And dee munchies.” Over on a blog by Miss Cleo’s Cabana Boy is a scan of an autographed picture. She’s a target of investigation for the Paranoid Alliance for Personal Protection. She’s on Carole Simpson’s mind. One of her people predicted a Dartmouth fraternity house’s future. And apparently, she’s gotten into the foot massage business (ick).

Clearly, she’s a talented, wonderful woman (with an incredibly fake accent) that can massage your feet and tell your future. Vote Miss Cleo for President in 2004. -ram

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