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December 13th, 2001

Miss Cleo

Ever since I first saw that Miss Cleo ad on television and screamed out, “What a fake Carribean accent!” I knew she’d become a phenomenon. And she has… between the lawsuits… and more lawsuitsand more lawsuits, she’s become a household name. So let’s find a little more about her on the web…

On her LiveJournal, she says, “Remember, babies… Fear is overcome by love. Or ganga. But den you have paranoia to overcome. And dee munchies.” Over on a blog by Miss Cleo’s Cabana Boy is a scan of an autographed picture. She’s a target of investigation for the Paranoid Alliance for Personal Protection. She’s on Carole Simpson’s mind. One of her people predicted a Dartmouth fraternity house’s future. And apparently, she’s gotten into the foot massage business (ick).

Clearly, she’s a talented, wonderful woman (with an incredibly fake accent) that can massage your feet and tell your future. Vote Miss Cleo for President in 2004. -ram

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FROM: fresh
DATE: Thursday December 13, 2001 -- 10:19:04PM
cleo rocks da boat at all my parties
{side note} the foot massages are O.K. at best

FROM: Maria
DATE: Thursday December 13, 2001 -- 11:42:44PM
One of my favorite anecdotes about Miss Cleo is that on one of her commercials, she's talking to a client about one of her co-workers harassing her. Miss Cleo says "And you told him 'If you come 'round here once more, you'll be walking with two legs only.'" The client says "Exactly!" I just have one question--how many legs was this guy walking with before?

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday December 14, 2001 -- 12:12:27AM
Maria: His penis was his third leg. Miss Cleo advises this woman to threaten the man with castration.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday December 14, 2001 -- 8:32:30AM
I think Robert hit the nail on the head, so to speak!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday December 14, 2001 -- 11:14:18AM

FROM: vanessa
DATE: Friday February 1, 2002 -- 8:15:16 pm
i like to know if me and my boyfriend are going to be together for a long time and will i get a job soon.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday February 1, 2002 -- 11:05:48 pm
Miss Cleo says "Yes and no, but not necessarily in that order."

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday February 23, 2002 -- 12:09:45 am
Miss Cleo and her 900 lines have done nothing wrong...the callers can always hang up. Are we as a group of people that stupid? HELLO folks.....It's entertainment!

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday February 23, 2002 -- 12:03:17 pm
Hey, don't steal my name to speak on Miss Clepto, er Cleo's, behalf!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday March 15, 2002 -- 10:06:52 am
I KNEW IT! I've been calling that fake-ass accent out since she debuted. It feels good to be right.

FROM: janice
DATE: Wednesday March 20, 2002 -- 5:51:04 pm
im look for a hot sey black male

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday March 20, 2002 -- 8:04:17 pm
You've found him!

FROM: mitchell the ass hole
DATE: Thursday May 30, 2002 -- 2:53:18 am
she talked so much shit about how she was the real thing!
now she want even show her face ! ha ha thats what you get dumb ass! what did you think? that people want try too uncover what you realy are!

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