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December 21st, 2001

Analog or Digital?

Ryan MacMichael is on special assignment investigating flourless chocolate cakes in Scotland.

We live in an analog world, but a lot of us work in digital. I like painting, which is analog… but I also do design a few pages on the world wide web (you may have heard of it), which is digital. So the question is, do you like a digital or analog watch?

I used to really enjoy digital watches for their ease of use. I don’t have to think about how to read a clock (arguably, a really difficult thing to do, gosh darn it) – I just glance, and boom, it’s 3:54pm. But analog watches are traditionally much dressier. They are elegant and point to a time when telling time involved weird terms like “hands” and “sweeping second hand”. Scary, scary stuff.

My main watch now is a digital one (which can even take short notes – very geeky) but I think of the family heirlooms I have which, while not terribly old, are all analog. Will a digital watch hold the same sentimental value in the future? -pm

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