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December 21st, 2001

Analog or Digital?

Ryan MacMichael is on special assignment investigating flourless chocolate cakes in Scotland.

We live in an analog world, but a lot of us work in digital. I like painting, which is analog… but I also do design a few pages on the world wide web (you may have heard of it), which is digital. So the question is, do you like a digital or analog watch?

I used to really enjoy digital watches for their ease of use. I don’t have to think about how to read a clock (arguably, a really difficult thing to do, gosh darn it) – I just glance, and boom, it’s 3:54pm. But analog watches are traditionally much dressier. They are elegant and point to a time when telling time involved weird terms like “hands” and “sweeping second hand”. Scary, scary stuff.

My main watch now is a digital one (which can even take short notes – very geeky) but I think of the family heirlooms I have which, while not terribly old, are all analog. Will a digital watch hold the same sentimental value in the future? -pm

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Friday December 21, 2001 -- 12:55:14PM
How much does a real analog watch cost these days? I've got a Tag Heuer (won in a sales contest at work - I would never buy a watch this expensive) that looks analog, but closer inspection of the second hand proves that it really is digital. I guess your paying $1000 because it is waterproof to 600 feet. Of course, the water pressue would crush your skull long before you got to 600 ft - but at least the fish down there would know what time it is....

FROM: Chris
DATE: Friday December 21, 2001 -- 1:07:01PM
I was just reading yesterday (and I can't remember where so I can't link to it) that there is a critical shortage of watch repairman and rolex is opening a school in PA that you can attend free of charge. It takes 3000 hours of training to become a master watch repairman. Seems like it would be a cool, low stress way to make a living.

DATE: Friday December 21, 2001 -- 1:29:51PM
Chris--that's still an analog watch. It's how it tells time, not whether the hands are metal or display. :)

I'm an analog girl m'self. They please my aesthetic sense.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday December 21, 2001 -- 2:43:27PM
I use a $14 digital I bought at K-Mart four years ago that probably will last me another six years, at least.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Friday December 21, 2001 -- 10:14:09PM
The second is a digital movement, very obvious. The second hand on an analog should sweep smoothly. This second hand jumps from one second to the next.

FROM: fresh
DATE: Friday December 21, 2001 -- 11:10:09PM
not to impede but can ya'll get some good topics together not that these arent good but juist not fun for me or anyone else who likes bayside high more thank you

FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday December 22, 2001 -- 11:14:04AM
fresh is getting a little stale around here :) I don't even use a watch, so I guess I am very analog. I like to use the sun and cat's shadow as my clock.

FROM: Adam
DATE: Sunday December 23, 2001 -- 11:38:35AM
Sorry to drag this out, but an traditional ANALOG watch with a mechanical movement is just that, analog. No matter whether the second hand sweeps or ratchets around the dial face, there are always timed mechanical movements that time this motion. If they occur many times a second (Rolex style) giving the impression of continuous movement, or just once a second (like the majority of watches out there) they're made by an imperfect mechanism that is inherently (let's hear it again) analog.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 4:06:55 pm

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday January 2, 2005 -- 4:27:56 pm
There aren't a lot of ways to repair digital watches. Most of them are just a single chip, an LCD panel, and a battery (well, and a few wires ;-)). So how many of them will last long enough to be heirlooms?

I really love fob pocket watches. There's just something classic in pulling a watch out of a vest pocket when someone asks you the time.

That said, I prefer my Timex Datalink with its whopping 3K of memory. It has anniversaries and phone numbers in it. Pity the year only runs from 1995-2002. It did have a cool (if plastic) strap, though, with a Windows logo and an ASCII message encoded in binary down one side...

I prefer digital watches for the features. Analog watches generally do not have things like stopwatches, multiple alarms, or PDA-like features. But analog ones are more fun since many a kid simply cannot read them.

DATE: Tuesday January 4, 2005 -- 4:06:37 pm
I like digital way better, it is so much easier to read, but i am getting very skilled now that school is getting more and more boring so i have to look at every 5 minutes

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