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December 24th, 2001

The Best Day for Christmas

I think I’ve been convinced: Tuesdays are the best days for Christmas to fall on. Let’s examine.

First, you have Sundays. Sundays are holy days in some circles, and simply the second weekend day in others. But it’s a weekend – it’s already spoken for. Weekend holidays zap people of their normal weekend abilities and duties, and thus, Sundays aren’t so hot.

Mondays? They’re Mondays. The worst day of the working week, bar none. Plus, if the holiday is on a Monday there’s a good chance that one will get no days off from work other than the holiday proper. Ick.

Wednesdays are bad for holidays. Middle of the working week – smack dab in the middle. When Christmas falls on a Wednesday next year, that means Monday will be an ordinary work day – although I assume people will just get the day off in many cases anyway. But that leaves a dangling Monday for people. No good.

Thursdays aren’t as bad as Mondays, for certain, and they’re close to the weekend. But putting Monday and Tuesday, plus potentially Wednesday ahead of the holiday means that those are working days – think American Thanksgiving. No good.

Friday? Friday is a semi-weekend day. Plus, plus the majority of the work week is intact. That’s not good.

Saturday… another weekend day, and the one that’s potentially more open for most people.

Which leaves us with Tuesday. Tuesday is good because it’s pretty close to the previous weekend – meaning Monday is either a light day or a non-work day for a lot of people. It does leave the rest of the week open for work, in many cases, but there’s also the following weekend ahead – which times just as well with New Year’s Day. Thus, it’s the best.

Have a great holiday, folks! -pm

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday December 24, 2001 -- 1:33:40PM
And I Happy Tuesday to you, Paul!

FROM: fresh
DATE: Monday December 24, 2001 -- 5:35:51PM
i would like to thank you for mentioning me in the pings-to-do mail. Also i think your right in naming tuesdays the best day to hold a holiday. Merry christmas, happy chaunakah and holy kwanza to all

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday December 24, 2001 -- 6:51:01PM
Fresh: I'll take you over the "King of TV" any day!

FROM: fresh
DATE: Monday December 24, 2001 -- 10:28:41PM
'preciate it robert have a merry holiday

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday December 25, 2001 -- 10:41:58AM
I agree with Robert, fresh - no disrespect intended. :)

Now that it's Christmas, I'm convinced that Tuesday is really the best day for it.

FROM: Andrzej
DATE: Tuesday December 14, 2004 -- 2:57:39 pm
Wigilia yest bardzo dobre!

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