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May 20th, 2006


Something that has eluded me over the past five years or so is the way wine has really taken off, and nudged its way into popular culture. Although I haven’t seen it, a quote from Sideways seems appropriate: “I am not drinking any fucking Merlot!”

I guess part of my lack of interest in wine stems (ha!) from my lack of interest in alcohol. I drink maybe a beer a month, maybe, and that’s it. So it makes sense on that level that I’m not terribly into wine.

Above and beyond that, though, I think I’m a little put off by the entire hipster/yuppie wine culture. I know, I know, I don’t instantly become a part of said culture if I just have some wine. But it’s like a clique or a club – and trust me, I’ve already got enough of that happening with the computer stuff. Also, there’s just too damn many wines. There are stores full of nothing but wine. And, probably, a continent somewhere.

On top of that, I just don’t find many of the wines I’ve had to be very good. I admit there have been a few I’ve liked (particularly rieslings), and I’ll be a sport and have wine if the social situation calls for it. But, to be honest, I’d be happier in a social situation where wine was an option amongst many other beverages.

And, I’m old.

So, wines? No thanks.

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