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January 1st, 2002

Super Blue Stuff

Happy New Year, Pingers!

Ahh… infomericals. It’s been a while since I’ve discussed any, but today I saw one I hadn’t seen in a while. I don’t know how I could have forgotten it: it’s the least convincing infomercial ever: Super Blue Stuff.

This blue goo is akin to Sportscreme, Ben Gay, or Aspercreme, from what I can gather. The infomercial has several “Who the hell is that?”-type sports celebrities and a lot of old people talking about their back pain and arthritis. And they’re hocking a product called “Super Blue Stuff.” Good God, somebody fire the marketing dolt behind this product.

The best part, though, is at the end, where they inform the viewer that “No one on the staff of Blue Stuff Pain Management Centers, nor any of our affiliates, is a doctor or health care professional.” That’s exactly what I want to hear when I’m considering ordering anything that purports to stop my pain! Oh yeah, don’t forget to “consult your health care professional if you are pregnant, lactating, or if you have any other health conditions before applying or taking these or any similar products. Do not apply to broken, irritated, or itching skin. Keep out of eyes and mucous membranes.”

But beyond their “Blue Stuff,” they also have “Essential Stuff,” gel caps which are not guaranteed because “they are a food supplement.” There’s also “Aloe Stuff,” “Peach Stuff,” and “Pure Emu Oil” (which I’ve seen sold at the local Farmer’s Market).

I think I’ll pass. -ram

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday January 1, 2002 -- 1:44:47AM
Please, let me:

Why don't they take all that crap and stuff it?

Ha ha haaaa!!!

FROM: fresh
DATE: Tuesday January 1, 2002 -- 1:23:22PM
is it legal in the US to market something that could be dangerous to you and has no scientific backround?

FROM: Marcy
DATE: Friday February 8, 2002 -- 4:19:20 pm
Actually, rather than offer useless conversation about stuff you know nothing about, why doesn't somebody real offer something why it does or does not work. I haven't been able to find any site (unlike many other supposedly great cures) that says it don't work :) I want to know.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday February 8, 2002 -- 10:48:45 pm
I think the weight of burden rests on the company that makes Super Blue Stuff to prove that it DOES work, not someone else to prove it doesn't. And, personally, I'd rather find out from the FDA if it's safe or not...

FROM: Clayton
DATE: Thursday February 28, 2002 -- 10:30:59 am
I woudl think that an intelligent individual would AT LEAST try a product before dissin' it, or venting with MINDLESS babble such as: fire the "marketing dolt," or take that "crap" and "stuff it." The only similarity between Blue Stuff and Sportscreme et. al., is in their stated purpose--temporary relief of pain; consistancy/medium--a creme product; and in their application procedure--applying by rubbing painful areas. Sportscreme and others like it (those mentioned specifically) are all pharmeceutical/man-made chemical base relief products, whereas Blue Stuff contains all natural herb/oil pain relief products. As far as the FDA approving or disapproving something of this nature, when was the time the FDA approved something that wouldn't profit the pharmeceutical companies once it contained that magic seal "FDA Approved?"
Just in case one might think I am affiliated in any way with the Blue Stuff company, let me assure you, that I am not. I do however, intend to try the product before I condemn it with (as mentioned) mindless babble. I have tried other emu oil products and they have been a FAR SUPERIOR product to any of the other products in the externally applied pain-relief family. I am expecting this to be equally superior. Don't wait for the FDA, life is short, and the FDA is a Government entity. As such it will delay forever if it sees no profit for it's pharmeceutical partners. If you are troubled with joint pain etc., let me suggest another non-FDA approved product worth mentioning. Type "RELAXIN" in your browzer, and follow one of the links to check that out. It too is a diet supplement that "Brother FDA" will not approve for the above stated reasons. Think about it...

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday February 28, 2002 -- 12:01:18 pm
Mindless babble.

Welcome to the Ping, my friend.

DATE: Friday March 1, 2002 -- 9:52:03 pm

DATE: Friday March 1, 2002 -- 9:58:14 pm
oops! For 39 bucks and a money back, whats to loose? My mom has had very painful shingles for year and a half. Shes' been house ridden all that time. If it helps, its worth it. It's for sure worth the 39 smacks for a try. I'll let you know.

FROM: Connie
DATE: Saturday March 2, 2002 -- 11:17:24 pm
You are a complete dumb fuck!!!You haven't a clue about what you are talking about.

By the look of your photo (if it is recent) you are still fairly young and don't expect to grow older and have severe aches and pains.

Why don't you take a poll of those who have used this product (all those old people talking about aches and pains) to see if the product works.

I hope that by the time you reach that stage in life, where every move hurts, you will learn to keep your big mouth shut, especially if you don't know what you are talking about.

Did you do research on this product, or did you just use you "pea" sized brain to come up with your very stupid opinion???

FROM: Richard
DATE: Sunday March 3, 2002 -- 12:22:08 am
I don't care what the infomercial says or how it is presented. I just know that this stuff does the job and am trying to find when the infomercial is on so I can see what the hullabalu is about.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday March 3, 2002 -- 11:21:51 am
Connie -- I'm prepared for the aches and pains that come with old age. I just hope I don't catch the bitterness that has hit you, causing you to call random people "complete dumb fuck"s.

FROM: Eileen
DATE: Sunday March 3, 2002 -- 12:01:13 pm
We ordered Super Blue Stuff a couple weeks ago and anticipated it's arrival. My husband has Trigeminal Neuralgia. According to the medical doctors it is the MOST PAINFUL of any disorder. (You can go to their website and read the horror stories). There is no cure for it (and he is only 58). Pain medication does not help at all and the most usual prescribed drug is Tegretal, which is given to people that have seizure disorders. ALOT of side effects. There is surgery, but not very successful. It doesn't always work and sometines you are left with strokes, facial numbness, etc. AND STILL THE PAIN.!!

So we thought "what the heck". If it works it would be a miracle from heaven!!

GUESS WHAT!!!???!!! It works!!!!

When he feels the pain increasing, he rubs some Super Blue Stuff on and the majority of the pain goes away. It's WONDERFUL. Yes, it does not take away ALL the pain, as he can still feel the "ache", but the excruciating pain is not present.

Just yesterday he said that finally we spent money on some infomercial product that really worked!! That's a change!!

Don't knock something until you know about it and have personally tried it. I do hope you never have a need to use a product of this type, but in the event you do, don't discount the effectiveness.

And don't call people names when you know nothing personally about the product or its usefullness!!!

I am ordering more Super Blue Stuff right now. To me, when he isn't in horrible pain, and can live life again, that's all that counts.

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday March 3, 2002 -- 12:15:14 pm
Folks, for crying out loud, please read the about page. Individual Pings have been linked everywhere, thanks in part to Google, but the point of the Ping is not simply to bring down Gwen Stefani and Super Blue Stuff.

Then again....

Eileen, the only person calling people names is Connie - a fellow Super Blue Stuff user. And everyone knows Ryan has butt problems, anyway.

FROM: Rick
DATE: Sunday March 3, 2002 -- 5:30:28 pm
Before buying the product I decided to search for comments of others. Thank you all for your comments. Assuming this is a reputable company (not like the crooks selling the cybertoothbrush that charged my card twice and told me 4 times they would give me credit while they almost pushed me out of the credit card charge back period) the most I can lose is $8 S&H and some time. Anyone with chronic pain will try anything. I am skeptical about their claims, but no one here has said that they were cheated, so I will try it.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday March 3, 2002 -- 7:41:27 pm
Clayton's angry because his beloved Miss Cleo is in trouble. Now it can be told.

FROM: Clayton,
DATE: Friday March 8, 2002 -- 11:26:01 am
"Angry" wouldn't be a good assessment of my feelings in reaction to some of the mindless babble that is proffered as 'considered thought' these days. Disgusted, would probably be a little closer to an accurate assessment. And BTW, who in the world is Miss Cleo? Does that give away my age bracket, or just my ignorance?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday March 8, 2002 -- 11:44:25 am
Clayton: Miss Cleo.

FROM: frank0
DATE: Saturday March 9, 2002 -- 8:38:09 am
Ryan, here's a product that I would've thought the same thing about - Zanfel. No real scientific evidence, cheesy promotion and testimonials, minimal distribution to legit pharmacies. But I was just desperate enough with my extreme case of poison ivy that I suspended my skepticism and cheapness and paid the hefty price tag for this little tube. Damn if it didn't work. Call it a placebo, call it snake oil, whatever. It was nectar from heaven for my PI. So I wouldn't dismiss some of these sketchy remedies so quickly if you haven't found the answer in other products. True story, word.

FROM: frank0
DATE: Saturday March 9, 2002 -- 8:46:25 am
Try this:

FROM: john
DATE: Saturday March 9, 2002 -- 1:08:25 pm
I was debating whether to buy this product or not. After reading all the comments,I am 60/40 in favor of trying it, but I think I will wait a little longer for some more personal opinions.

DATE: Saturday March 9, 2002 -- 3:51:07 pm
Proof's in the puddin', so if SBS works, why worry about Feds. Drugs for therapy are approved in foreign jurisdictions, but not in USA. Native cures using herbs, etc. aren't risk free, but track records of success give at least modicum of comfort--as used to alleviate symptoms and as to feeling comfortable about applications. Anyone have experiences using DSMO? Thanks.

FROM: Clayton
DATE: Monday March 11, 2002 -- 4:50:24 pm
Proof's in the puddin' indeed. We have received our first order of SBS and began putting it to the test immediately. Also, my wife told me that in less than 10 minutes, the pain in her shoulders (where we applied the SBS as per instructions) was gone entirely. This is the FIRST product ever, that has taken away the pain!

We have also tried another product that was given to us. It is: Glucosamine Cream, ala Dr. Janet at It too has Emu oil with MSM and other herbal ingredients. It too is effective in the relief of pain, and also as an aid in breaking the pain cycle. By the ounce, however, it is a little more expensive than SBS.

Jim; As we are already unconcerned with the Feds and their approval or disapproval, we will continue to use these products on the basis of whether or not they work. If we discover that there are indeed some
"negative" side effects, we may have to re-evaluate our usage. One negative (if it is negative) is that most of these natural products are quite spendy. At least if purchased in the US. I guess if a person travels enough, some of them (or their equivalents) can be purchased in other countries.

I have applied for a distributorship of the SBS, and possibly will be opening a Web Site for purchase of the Glucosamine Cream; hoping to be able to offer them both, at a price cheaper than when ordered by mail/telephone. Both are worthwhile products, and deserve appropriate attention; not thoughtless, or at the least, uninformed, condemnation.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday March 11, 2002 -- 5:05:39 pm
Good God, people... if you would please re-read my original post... my *main* beef is with the awful marketing behind this product. "Super Blue Stuff?" Please. And if they're so sure of their product, couldn't they get someone in the medical field to join their staff to lend a little credibility?

Plus, it's not a vegetarian-safe product (emu oil). That probably doesn't matter to most of you, but when the time comes, I'll find my pain relief elsewhere.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday March 11, 2002 -- 5:24:00 pm
I have applied for a distributorship of the SBS, and possibly will be opening a Web Site for purchase of the Glucosamine Cream [...]

And the truth why you're pushing this stuff so hard comes out.

FROM: fresh
DATE: Tuesday March 12, 2002 -- 11:25:13 am
must I fresh calm all of you down? listen to ryan and paul. i first read the ping nad didnt think much of it, then i saw the commercial and cracked up damn that shite was funny, and to connie and clayton if all you have to do all day is call names out and type long pages and pages about a funny topic then yall are sad individuals as for ryan i think your a funny kat dont listen to these clowns with all their bitchin if they dobnt like the topics disscussed give um the boot

FROM: Clayton
DATE: Wednesday March 13, 2002 -- 5:19:18 pm
Robert, the "truth" is, that while I have applied for a distributorship, it will be a couple of months before I will hear any more about actually getting set up. This, at least in part, is because they are playing "catch up" with the influx of orders that their "awful marketing" and the effectiveness of their product has resulted in.

As far as the GC, if you had access to a product that could aid in the relief of someone's pain, while at the same time make some kind of a profit, AND, still be able to supply said product to them at a price substantially lower than currently available... wouldn't you involve yourself in such an endeavor? Or wouldn't you?

fresh, you must have read the previous posts, but I wonder if you assimilated them correctly. Do ya think?
That kind of a monologue is almost more fun than a sharp stick in the eye. (:->)

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 13, 2002 -- 7:17:22 pm
Friends, I'm here to tell you about a revolutionary new technique!

It's called a sharp stick in the eye, and let me tell you! It is great!!! I had problems seeing, and sure enough once I ordered a sharp stick in the eye my problems were gone.

I'm now going to be selling sharp sticks, with instructions on how to insert them into one's eyes, for a great price! Don't believe me? Well, I'm sure our many satisfied users will visit this Web Sight soon!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday March 13, 2002 -- 9:52:21 pm
This, at least in part, is because they are playing "catch up" with the influx of orders that their "awful marketing" and the effectiveness of their product has resulted in.

Even the most bogus of snake oil has a grand following.

And excuse fresh -- he's "period impaired."

FROM: fresh
DATE: Wednesday March 13, 2002 -- 11:43:26 pm
now dont get me wrong im not takin shots @ anyone and i never do but if all yall can do is mess around with freshs' jibber jabber instead of videotaping your self danicing with old people than taht is sad cuz the fresh doesnt care about punctuation spellin or anyother literary technique im simply here to have a good time and if you cant understand what im sayin than your too coperate america and not enough non coroporate america, thank you

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday March 14, 2002 -- 9:13:22 am
Take it easy, fresh, it was just a friendly jab. :)

FROM: anjel
DATE: Wednesday March 20, 2002 -- 10:38:06 am
Hey, if you want to try this "stuff" without a huge investment, go to eBay. You can buy a sample packet for 3 bucks (plus a dollar shipping) and find out for yourself if its worth $40 or not!

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Friday March 22, 2002 -- 2:30:53 am
Whenever I see the commercial for this or see this ping come up on the "most recent pings" list, I can't help but think of the image from Paul's (or possibly Ryan's) "Pings to do" from a ways back -- of someone listening to "Hey Baby" by No Doubt and rubbing blue stuff on his chest. And imagining someone singing along is even funnier. Go ahead, give it a try.

Thank you, Daily Ping, for forever relating the two in my brain. I mean that.

FROM: Sydni
DATE: Friday March 22, 2002 -- 2:14:53 pm
I would suggest you check out a similar product to SBS, but much, much cheaper. I've never tried it, but my mother-in-law swears by it. It's called Pro 10 Originals, and is supposed to be an old Amish folk remedy. Anyway, it's at for those of you who are looking for a cheaper alternative that, according to my mother-in-law, is extremely effective.

FROM: Sydni
DATE: Friday March 22, 2002 -- 2:17:46 pm
I'll try the link this way. Pro 10 Originals

FROM: The Shadow
DATE: Friday March 22, 2002 -- 3:18:46 pm
Sales of SBS on the Internet and eBay are not authorized sales. People who are making "samples" of Super Blue Stuff and re-marketing them are doing so unethically; there is no such product as a Blue Stuff "sample". That person could be cutting in hand lotion or any number of other substitutes. Go with the real thing.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 26, 2002 -- 6:10:18 pm
Per Ryan's request, I'm posting this:

Some dude emailed this mess to me on Saturday for some reason I have yet to understand. All identifying info has been removed yadda yadda yadda . . .

>> From: "Bruce M."
>> Date: 2002/03/23 Sat AM 11:58:55 CST
>> Subject: Super Blue Stuff
>> Hi Robert:
>> I hope as a future distributor of Super Blue Stuff the company at leasts ships you the product so that you can supply your customers.
>> My wife placed an order for 12 oz SBS on on February 3, 2002. Our American Express card was billed on February 5, 2002. Guess what? Today's March 23 and still no SBS although
>> we have paid American Express.
>> One e-mail (never responded to) and phone calls to Blue Stuff on February 28, March 08, March 15 and March 22 and all with the same story. They will reship it and it will take 7 - 10 days >> guaranteed. The only guarantee we have seen is the taking of our money and no product. Have tried to reach them via their non toll free number and the
auto attendant (Jack McClung's recording) >> gets one nowhere.
>> We have reported this to American Express and yesterday I faxed a letter to Jack McClung using the fax number on his charitable foundation web site.
>> This firm is in violation of the Federal Trade Commission's rules for e-tailers at the very least.
>> Thanks for hearing me out.
>> Regards
>> Bruce

Do with this what you will, folks.

FROM: William Sells
DATE: Wednesday March 27, 2002 -- 1:17:20 am
For any of you skeptics here who want to try Super Blue Stuff free of charge, send me an e-mail. I'll be more than happy to send you a free sample, no strings attached. I don't have to sell this stuff, it sells itself!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday March 27, 2002 -- 11:37:25 am
(Holding back comment about previous poster's last name.)

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 27, 2002 -- 12:34:54 pm
I hear Lex Luger's real last name is Sells. Imagine that.

FROM: Clayton
DATE: Tuesday April 2, 2002 -- 3:38:01 pm
Hey, I'm back after a couple of weeks, and aren't the posts interesting! Couple of replys:

fresh, it was a (:-) jab.

Paul, I hope you'll be selling your "Sharp Stick in the Eye" product on E-Bay. 'Course, seeing as I mentioned it here first, I'll be standing by (in virtual mode) with my virtual hand out for my virtual royalties check.

The Shadow, if you order the SBS product, you will get a packet of 10 or so samples. Thing is, except for the SBS product itself, the samples really aren't of sufficient quantity to give them a decent try-out. The samples that come with your order are, however, genuine SBS variations: hand cream, shampoo, etc. If the samples being sold on E-Bay aren't sealed in original SBS labeled packages, I would be cautious--at least.

Robert re: Bruce M note... We sent for, and received the SBS product in a very timely manner. It's unfortunate but true, that with any company selling/distributing any product, eventually, there will be instances when someone gets dropped throught the cracks. Our experience with this product/company was good, and shipped product reached us in less than a week.

As far as the SBS itself, I still havn't heard back from the company concerning a distributorship, but will try to contact them in a few days. As to the product itself, we have been very happy with the results. It does seem to be more of a temporary pain relief product, but it does work for that. One thing in particular that has been surprising, is that in the documentation (read, advertising glossies) that come with the order, they mentioned using it for headache pain as well. I just couldn't believe that one! My wife and I have both had headaches for many years and have always gone the traditional route of Excedrin and the like. We tried this, and to our amzement, it actually has worked quite effectively! Not that it completely removes the headace perhaps, but it certainly does diminish it to a great extent. I have used it several times, both during the day, and when a headache has woke me during the night. It has (as they say) a pleasant cirtus fragrance, and a slightly warming effect on the skin. As far as ongoing chronic pain, I wouldn't say that it is the eutopian answer, but even so, it does give relief--when applied topically. Like I mentioned above, the samples that come with, aren't supplied in a sufficent amount to gain any real experience as to each one's effectiveness. So far, (in spite of Bruce's unfortunate experience) I would suggest that these products are worth giving a try. When I say "worth" I don't necessarily mean dollars and cents. Taken thusly, each individual has to deterrmine how much pain they will live with before they will begin to financially expand their horizons toward potential relief.
William Sells is quite correct! The stuff sells the stuff,

William, are you a distributor?

FROM: Mark
DATE: Wednesday April 17, 2002 -- 12:09:47 pm
WHOA! First time at this site. You people are either having fun or a fit. I like the name SUPER BLUE STUFF because that's what it is. Hate all the names they come up with for new drugs. Flownase(sp) etc. And wouldn't prescription drugs be less expensive if they didn't advertise? Oh well. Just having fun.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday April 17, 2002 -- 3:46:14 pm
Don't even get me started on prescriptions drugs that advertise on TV, trying to convince people that they need something they probably don't. Those are the same drugs that are marketed to doctors with all sorts of free lunches, mugs, etc. But that's another Ping.

FROM: Jose
DATE: Wednesday April 24, 2002 -- 9:41:39 pm
Would this (SBS) be effective to apply after running a marathon (26.2 miles)? It takes 3 days for me to recover. Any marathoners who tried this product yet.

FROM: Laura
DATE: Friday April 26, 2002 -- 12:25:52 am
In response to Jose's question, SBS may be effective after a marathon. As a massage therapist, I have recently been using it in my office and given out samples (and contrary to an earlier opinion, the company does have prepackaged samples of SBS) for clients to use when in pain. It doesn't relieve pain for all clients but often when there are many underlying conditions this can complicate the response. I think it's worth a shot. I have used it on runners who have come in with hamstring injuries. Personally, I'd recommend getting a therapeutic massage after such an event!

FROM: Susan
DATE: Friday May 3, 2002 -- 12:38:37 pm
I have had pain in my neck for years due to constant computer work and prescription meds didnt seem to help. The Blue Stuff Did! I'm Hooked!

FROM: Joanne [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday May 4, 2002 -- 8:48:51 am
WOW! I was searching the internet, and found your discussion about SBS. Ryan, you can be brutal when it comes to reviewing infomercials! haha My company cannot afford an infomercial, so you all have probably never even heard of our product - Blue Pain Relief(tm). However, it contains more Emu oil and MSM than that other product, and the good news is: It costs LESS! Joke all you want about Emu oil and Emu oil based products, buth we have drawers full of letters from folks that will no longer be without it. If you all would like to be educated about Emu oil, you can visit for technical information. We got into it because my husband was a candidate for elbow surgery...NOT! I can't even get him to go to the doctor, let alone consider surgery. Anyway, Emu oil alone stopped the pain in his elbow, he did not need surgery, and his elbow has not bothered him since then (1993). He used it 3 times a day for about 1 was well worth it.

I want to know who holds the patent on that "Stick in the Eye" product...LOL...that was cute.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday May 4, 2002 -- 12:42:07 pm
Joanne -- How is emu oil created/extracted?

FROM: Joanne [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday May 5, 2002 -- 3:57:24 pm

Emu oil is a food by-product. When the emu is processed for its "heart healthy", low fat, low cholesterol red meat, the fat is taken and refined into emu oil. There is a lot of information about emu oil at Thanks :)

FROM: Joanne
DATE: Sunday May 5, 2002 -- 3:59:59 pm

I forgot to mention, emus are raised around the world as an agricultural livestock now, with Australia being the parent of that agricultural business. FYI, the SBS folks just purchased 6,000 acres of land in Arkansas for a large emu operation.

FROM: Jerry
DATE: Monday May 6, 2002 -- 1:58:36 pm
Like Susan,my wife also works on a computer all day.she has lived in pain ever since I have known her.I have taken her to various types of doctors for her pain.All they do is prescribe pain pills that make her drowsy.Which she can't take at work.If this SBS Does what it claims and relieves her pain then it would be worth a lot more than $40.00 to her.We have tried (ben-gay,icy hot,aspercreme,sportscreme & other types of pain reliefs)all to no avail.I am ordering this stuff today and I will let all of you know if it really works.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday May 6, 2002 -- 5:40:32 pm
Joanne -- Thanks. Just wanted to confirm what I had originally suspected (that anything with Emu Oil isn't vegetarian-friendly).

DATE: Monday May 13, 2002 -- 6:41:25 pm
Someone said earlier that SBS does not come in sample packets, and that is wrong, they do come in samples.

DATE: Monday May 13, 2002 -- 6:42:56 pm
Oh yah. I know because my grandma ordered SBS (which she said helped her) and with the order came samples of a whole bunch of their products, including blue stuff, peach stuff, white stuff, hand stuff, and body stuff. Thanks =)

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Tuesday May 14, 2002 -- 4:34:12 am
Holy cow! LoL I don't think I would've ever anticipated seeing a Ping go this far out of whack. ROFL I swear I figured a "pro-Apple/anti-Apple" riot would've broken out on here before I heard people warring over "Super Blue Stuff" and emu oil and naming conventions. LoL I swear this has to be one of the most comical threads in Ping history, especially with people getting hell-bent over criticizing naming something. I think when I read Connie's attack on Ryan, I needed some emu-straps to hold me in my computer chair. ;-)

In truth, whether or not the product is a Godsend or a snake-oil cure, doesn't rightly matter to me. The point is, what Ryan stated about infomercial marketing and the product's naming is just about on the money. If you take offense to what Ryan has said, why? He didn't say the product "DIDN'T" work (or for that matter that your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of Elderbury... Ni Ni Ni!), he just said that without support from medical staff (this isn't even FDA here, just one doctor who runs an experiment on so many people and takes a running tally of Yay's and Nay's) that he was less inclined to be a believer.

I can't say that I'd believe it either myself... and yes I'll likely turn older (27 for those curious), have aches (already have the start of 'em so I'm sure it'll get worse over time), etc. etc. Perhaps even need something more powerful than extra-strength Aleve mixed with some Icy Hot. Fair enough... but the point is, it still doesn't make the marketing name nor the viability of the product any better than going by a roster of consumers advocating the product on here. If I got on a bulletin board and read what all was said, and then saw what Clayton offered in regards to becoming a distributor after defending the product so vehemently earlier as a client... I'd definitely take "EVERY SINGLE" posting on here for the product and cast it out the window in terms of credibility as it sounds like the fraternal brotherhood of stockholders in SBS who are trying to promote it at every opportunity. You might not be, but why should I believe you?

So then, without the aforementioned credibility from consumers, I'm left with a product with no known physician's support, no FDA or medical professional's backing, and a product with a naming convention my 3 year old God-Daughter could probably outwit in terms of marketability.

Not very solid footing if you ask me (and I believe Ryan sees it the same way)...

Given a clever name, maybe a catchy-jingle... a Dr. to step up and say "Four out of 5 of my clients have used *product name here* and it really does work" then the products *MARKETING* would be more viable, as would the product's credibility (which hasn't been denied or accepted... it's a stalemate). So before I get some hate mail about how I need to zip it 'cause I'm not 50 and struggling with rheumatoid arthritis; just remember that for each youthful person you have, there's usually a pair of parents in a similar bracket to yourself. I think my dad would find this thread just as silly as I do, and probably die laughing at the name "Super Blue Stuff". Even if it'd help him he'd be skeptical if the product's ability isn't enough to land something a bit more intriguing sounding.

If you're talking about people intellectual enough to extract oil from Emu's, bottle/package, and sell it as cure-all for any range of aches that traditional pharmaceuticals can't address; then you'd figure they'd have the intellect and fortitude to choose a name that helps promote the product better, rather than the insanely simple one that was chosen that makes you feel stupid for even *THINKING* of buying it, whether or not it works or not. I don't know of many people of scientific minds, that would know whether or not you can extract something from an animal, rub it on skin, and make pains go away that'd come up with a name as intrinsically descriptive and insanely stupid sounding as what was given here. I mean, if GM paid marketing types millions of dollars to come up with a name for a new car, and the best they were given was "Car", I think I'd feel a bit cheated as a GM exec (Sounds like paying Andersen Consulting to do your accounting; the "What a steal" part comes to mind when I think Enron...). Then again, perhaps that's just it... Super Blue Stuff's makers paid nobody... yet I still think a band of 8th graders could put their heads together and come up with a name at least 2x's more intriguing.

That's the point I think Ryan touched on, and that's the point I'm trying to make myself. I'm in no way affiliated with anyone making, selling, or taking Super Blue Stuff. I'm not a distributor, nor do I play a Doctor on TV. I'm just me, and looking at what I see, I'm not impressed; and am not going to be impressed spending $40 on something named as silly as this product. Granted it might work, might be the cure-all of all cure-all's; but my skepticism is raised merely by the name alone. That to me is flag enough that I'd likely bear the pain and 1/2 way get it there (to pain-free) with proven and documented medications that the FDA has approved of and that I'm not reading a bunch of heresy propoganda by users turned distributor's and people who retaliate by swearing and slander over skeptics who just don't buy into the hype.

"I'm not only the Hair Club president... I'm also a client"

And you're wearing an epoxied doilly on your head while you're at it Cy (Sperling)...

FROM: Laura
DATE: Thursday May 16, 2002 -- 2:09:29 am
Wow! Bad hair day?!...I don't want to alarm you but I've found Ultra Blue, Big Blue, Blue Pain Relief and Blue Stop (and they probably have a catchy phrase like "The pain stops here" ...looks like a lot of companies need your help...Does it make you see red? =

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Thursday May 16, 2002 -- 1:38:01 pm
Nah, beige... it's the color of my monitor in front of me. ;-)

FROM: Stephen
DATE: Saturday May 18, 2002 -- 11:53:06 am
Just saw the latest infomercial - there were a few doctors on there endorsing it. Don't know what that all means, but I'm considering a sample.

FROM: Curtis
DATE: Saturday May 18, 2002 -- 1:21:36 pm
Ok folks, you all have had a big laugh bashing this hokey sounding product. I was given a sample of the "blue stuff" about 3 weeks ago, and after the 1st application, within 3 minutes, I was in the vicinity of 80% to 85% better. I have cut my narcotic pain med. (and we aint talking lortab here) by over 50% in just 3 weeks, which I have been on for over 3 yrs due to a failed back fusion. (The Dr's were advising a spinal cord stimulator implant, or a morphine pump implant) Am I impressed? Damn straight. For those of you suffering out there, and don't want to shell out the big bucks on something you are afraid won't work, go find a distributor, and get a couple of sample packets. One final word, I am not bashing anybody who is making fun of this product, because I did it myself. We are all use to bogus infomercials. Laugh if you like, but I got my life back. :) BTW, the narcotic pain med I have been on for 3 yrs, only dulled the pain. Now, the only "pain" I have, is having to apply it 3 (or 4 on bad weather days) times a day. But it rubs on quickly, and smells peachy, not nasty. If you are a pain sufferer, I DARE you to try it!

FROM: Jeff
DATE: Monday May 20, 2002 -- 5:04:13 am
I have read all the posts here and am very surprised that NO ONE has said that this product SBS doesn't work.

Well let me be the first. SUPER BLUE STUFF DOES NOT WORK. I have given it a very fair trial. I have Gout pain which the product does not improve at all after multiple and extensive applications over a 3 day period. Okay Gout is pretty extreme so I gave it to my wife to try for her Sciatic Nerve pain. NOPE. Doesn't do anything at all either.

So before giving up on it I figured what the heck. I could at least keep it for minor muscle aches and pains and the like. So after I had trimmed some bushes in my front yard the previous day, I had the usual sore muscles associated with doing that only once every few months. Rubbed in a bunch of Super Blue Stuff AGAIN WITH ABSOLOUTELY NO RESULTS WHATSOEVER...

So I guess the bottom line for me is that anyone can come in here and posts that SBS works and they may or may not have a financial interest in saying so. I don't. This product DID NOT WORK for me or my wife for substantial OR minor pain. It's a joke and I will return it. I don't take any satisfaction is saying this because I was very hopeful that it would work for obvious reasons. Don't waste your time and Shipping and handling charges which are down the drain for me on this endeavor. Sometimes I wonder if that is how they can afford the infomercials and continue to stay in business profitably. $7.95 shipping and handling times millions of orders can pay a lot of bills for any company...

I'm not saying that it can't work for anyone, but I would suspect this is the case since it was tried on a variety and differing intensity of pains...

FROM: Jeff
DATE: Monday May 20, 2002 -- 5:07:26 am
E-Mail address correction. This is the right one if anyone has any comments. The previous one was a typo...

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday May 20, 2002 -- 9:18:59 am
Thanks for posting, Jeff. It's nice to (finally) see a differing opinion on the product after a lot of questionable (very sales-y) "testimonials" here.

FROM: bethalani
DATE: Monday May 20, 2002 -- 2:09:33 pm
I got a free sample in the mail of Blue Stuff. No way was I going to buy and not try first! lol...
My father tried it last week on his knee (he has arthritis). Guess what I am getting him for father's day??? lol... He said that in a matter of minutes the pain was not as severe!
Just my two cents.

I was upset that when I emailed the official Blue site, they said they did not offer samples though. I had to surf around for other sites and ask for a sample until I finally got someone to send me one.

FROM: Curtis
DATE: Monday May 20, 2002 -- 4:01:41 pm
In response to Jeff's comment regarding the S&H charges, I say again, find a LOCAL distributor in your area, and they should be able to provide you with a sample packet, to ensure you recieve the results you desire before making an investment on a bottle of it. The only people I have personal knowledge of it not working for them had major knee problems. So by all means, be smart, sample it first before purchasing. But try it.

FROM: steve
DATE: Thursday May 23, 2002 -- 12:46:06 am

FROM: Larry [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday May 23, 2002 -- 12:06:21 pm
I guess I'll ping my $0.02 worth in...well, with inflation better make that a nickel, huh?

As a cosmetic chemist, I was asked to duplicate this product a year ago for another client. Did so in the lab and then took samples home to test on my mom's arthritic hands (worked), mother-in-law's bursitis (worked), my knee injury (worked). As they say, the proof is in the pudding (odd place for the LA crime lab to store the proof, but that's another ping in itself.)

So, seeing how well the product samples that we made worked to quickly relieve pain in ourselves and our other guniea pigs errr...test subjects, we started manufacturing and selling our own version!

On another note, names smames! I'm not too caught in names, after all the Chevy Nova didn't sell well in Mexico because its name translates into "no go."

But the folks in Oklahoma have high prices on the product and S/H in order to cover the multi-millions that they must be spending on advertising.



FROM: Tonywa
DATE: Monday May 27, 2002 -- 3:10:25 pm
SBS works. I'm a major skeptic (engineer), but took a shot on this product for chronic knee pain. I've since recommended it to several friends and family members and have even given it as a gift. I agree the infomercial is "homey" at best, but the product does what it says.
DISCLAIMER: I have no professional affiliation with SBS.

FROM: Horace
DATE: Wednesday May 29, 2002 -- 5:14:15 pm
No, it does not work. I tried it on arthritis, nerve pain, and muscle pain and it reduced the pain maybe 5% temporarily for about 5-10 minutes. And my opinion is that anyone that says so is trying to cash in on the gulibillity of the public.

FROM: Henry
DATE: Wednesday May 29, 2002 -- 5:17:24 pm
Doesn't work. Is BS. Lost my shipping and handling charges (that is more BS because it doesn't cost them that much to ship and handle a small jar). Also now we see many imitators springing up for less money as mentioned above. If it supposedly is so good then why didn't they patent the formula? BS.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday May 30, 2002 -- 9:06:38 am
I've never tried the stuff, but I find it interesting that, with so few complaints about this product, both Horace AND Henry said bad things about it...just three minutes apart. Hmmm...

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday May 30, 2002 -- 10:21:39 am
And both from the same IP address, too. :)

FROM: Nnord
DATE: Friday May 31, 2002 -- 4:13:24 pm
I'd venture to bet that this product reacts differently to different bodies, just like a huge number of other medications and products. Someone else's success or failure isn't proof. Try it for yourself.

FROM: Joanne [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday June 3, 2002 -- 8:56:12 am
Ryan and all.... WOW! This string is STILL going on! Must be some kinda record. Anyway, I've read both positive and negative posts here about SBS....I mfg. "Blue Pain Relief". Someone posted that this type of product may not work for everyone....they are correct. Everyones body is different, as is their diet, medical problems, etc. I can tell you though, that of the thousands of units of Blue Pain Relief that we have sold, we have not had ONE return! That says something great about Blue Pain Relief. On the other hand, we have heard from a lot of people that SBS doesn't work. There are valid reasons some products work and others done ---- can you say q-u-a-l-i-t-y? Our Blue Pain Relief contains MORE emu oil than other similar products on the market -- it is the SECOND highest ingredient by volume. Also, we use MSM at 99.9% potentecy. Just because a product says it has "such and such" ingredients, doesn't mean it has much of it, or that it works. Many of the similar products you see cropping up are "fly by night", "as seen on TV" people -- the "quick hit" folks who throw together a glob of stuff, put it on the market for $19.99, sell gazillions of units, then move on to the next "quick buck" item. Not so for us.....we have been in business for 10 YEARS. We have consistently produced QUALITY products, and are here to service our customers.....and we don't have hoaky infomercials. haha My 15 cents worth for the week. :)

FROM: Jeff
DATE: Wednesday June 5, 2002 -- 12:07:56 pm
Here is another opinion about Super Blue Stuff from Dr. Gabe Mirkin who has a nationally syndicated radio program and maintains a website at;

We don't have any reports on these products, but Dr. Mirkin has told callers that MSM has not been shown to be effective. You might want to visit

FROM: King Random
DATE: Sunday June 16, 2002 -- 10:35:19 pm
WOW. I am impressed. Started the first of the year, and still going on.
I have never tried the super blue stuff, but I make it a rule never to buy anything advertised after midnight on TV. Super blue stuff is advertised almost exclusivly at night. Personally I do not have any pains that would require medication, so I really cannot say anything agianst it though. I say, if it works for you, keep using it. I do think some of you ( connie ) are overreacting a bit. Ryan did only say that the advertizing was a bit invitational of sckeptisizm. Try to lighten up a bit. Although, that attitude has created one of the longest, if not the longest, running ping commentary. I say, congrats to all of you.

FROM: Eddie in Georgia
DATE: Monday June 17, 2002 -- 10:41:17 am
The power which a man's imagination has over his body to heal it or to make it sick is a force which none of us is born without.
The first man had it and the last will possess it.

FROM: Joanne [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday June 17, 2002 -- 5:29:10 pm
Hey Jeff. I couldn't find the radio talk show you mentioned. :( I did a search for blue stuff, and only algae came up. LOL Anyway, I just wanted to say that MSM in combination with Emu oil may be the difference here. Of the thousands of units of Blue Pain Relief we have sold, we've had only ONE return -- that was from an older woman who has crippling arthritis, and nothing has helped her. Only one return out of thousands of sales says a lot about our product. I am a firm believer in Emu oil....that is why I've been in this business for 10 years now. I sell from my heart, and with my honest belief that emu oil is a wonderful discovery! :)

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday June 18, 2002 -- 3:22:39 pm
Although I find the above discourse painfully emusing, I agree that "Super Blue Stuff" sounds like a hand cleaner; furthermore it makes a terrible sandwich with peanut butter. Although the discovery of the application of this snake, er, emu oil seems truly a miracle, I wonder who was the first to slather this otherwise useless food by-product on their skin in the first place, and why? I can imagine:

"Ow, my joints!! Hmmmm, Crisco didn't work; lard didn't work; beef tallow no good; butter was a waste of time; crushed antelope terrible; Cold pressed emu!! Eureka!" Oh Goddess of relief, blessed art thou for creating pureed emu colored with electric blue dye!!

Still awful with peanut butter, though.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday June 18, 2002 -- 3:38:51 pm
My usual habit in practice: read the ping. comment. go to the links within the ping. comment again.

Did you see the emu leather shoes on the Blue Stuff site? $160. Now I know what hurts.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday June 19, 2002 -- 9:14:45 am
Joseph -- I guess Super Tallow Stuff would have been an even worse marketing gimmick, eh?

FROM: Rainman
DATE: Monday July 1, 2002 -- 2:09:47 am
Joseph, it IS a hand cleaner... as well as a medical marvel and a lubricant. didn't you know?

"Friends... are you suffering from hemorrhoids AND enlarged prostate?

Kill three emus with one stone! Grab and slab and take a stab of Super Blue Stuff. Rubber glove not required.

But folks, the wonders don't stop there! Thanks to our blessed Mother Nature, two days later it turns your bowl a pretty blue, disinfecting as it flushes!

Right here in River City!"

--- Definitely nothing less than a miracle... definitely.

DATE: Thursday July 4, 2002 -- 1:37:22 pm
I know owner of the Blue Staff and remember when he started the company and believe me this is money making scam, nothing else.

FROM: King Random
DATE: Sunday July 7, 2002 -- 9:59:34 pm
Eddie in Georgia-
I agree. And whomever wrote that quote, they know the human body well. Yoga does more for any pains that I have then medicine. Mind over matter, don' cha know.

FROM: Joanne [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday July 12, 2002 -- 11:35:03 pm
Well, well. It's been a while since I visited you guys! Looks like there may be some uneducated comments going on here! haha Let me help you out a little......
Josepsh, you wondered "who" was the first to discover/use emu oil. Well, it was the Aborigines of Australia, thousands of years ago. They hung the hides in the sun to extract the emu oil. They used it on their sunburned and weathered skin, as well as for wounds, etc. So you see, emu oil has been used for thousands of years....has peanut butter? LOL
I can't really comment on the "stuff" you've been talking about, other than to say it contains a tremendous amount of water. Poor quality if you ask me. HOWEVER, there are quality emu oil products out there that really work.
HEADS UP on some new news today. A scientist contacted me today to say he believes he has found the beneficial component in Emu oil. It has been a mystery until now; many folks knew Emu oil worked for a variety of problems...but "why" has been the question. The answer should be revealed to the scientific community in the not-too-distant future. It is a "primal" compound, I'm told, viewable through a new high powered electron microscope.
Giggle all you want, but we're about to make some serious medical breakthroughs here. :)

FROM: Informed Reader
DATE: Wednesday July 17, 2002 -- 3:15:46 pm
Good luck for anyone trying to get a distributorship for super blue stuff. The guy that created (a religous nut) has broken the contract he had with all indipendent distributors. I work in a drigstore and we have made thousands and thousands of dollars in the last few months on SBS. Our dealer is now being cut out of the loop and we can't get the product anymore. Not to worry tho because it will soon be in every Wal-mart, K-mart, CVS ect. This guy wanted to sell to the big boys so he screwed the little people. Yes there is a rather nasty lawsuit ongoing over this. This stuff may work but the guy getting rich off it is a real asshole.

FROM: karen
DATE: Monday August 12, 2002 -- 6:53:05 pm
I am an RN in georgia and also would not have considered purchasing from tv infomercials but a friend of mine has severe pain in her left hip and ordered it. She had mentioned it to me on a couple of occassions as being effective, but I thought nothing of it. Was at her house this week and complained to her of pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders that was intensifying as the day went on. She offered her sbs and even applied it for me. I was relieved of the pain within minutes. Gotta admit, I thought she wasted her money when she mentioned her infomercial purchase, but I am now researching less expensive brands with the same ingredients. I called walmart and they have a knock off I am going to try at 13 dollars and some change. Hope it works like the super blue stuff. Stay tuned.

FROM: Sammo
DATE: Tuesday October 15, 2002 -- 10:43:27 am
I have been working for bluestuff for some time now. All i do is sales... however i have found through talking to individuals through outbound calling is that the product seems to work for some and not for others so meany people expect this product to heal all aches and pains and to do so in just one application. that is almost impossible...It amazesa me how that you can get in your mind that the product is not going to work and it won't... on th other hand if you know it will hwlp you it seems to do so... i have tried the product myself and found that it worked great for me so how can it be so bad if it works. I ahve a brother with a brittle bone disease... So are you telling me that this product is a hoax when this is the only thing that may realieve his pain enough to let him walk one of these days which is his dream.....think about it.... some people you cannot please wheather it works or not!

FROM: sammo
DATE: Tuesday October 15, 2002 -- 10:45:14 am
here is my email

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday October 15, 2002 -- 11:25:42 am
Interesting how your message is the only one that uses the word "hoax," sammo.

Might want to re-read...

FROM: Mike Costello
DATE: Wednesday October 16, 2002 -- 1:29:43 pm
Nearly all of you people are idiots. Ryan, your feeble review was one of the most pathetic efforts I've ever read. I've been using SBS for over a year. I also use Shampoo Stuff and Hand Stuff. I don't resell the stuff and in fact the only contact I ever make with the company is when I reorder. I have problems with calcium deposits on both my shoulders. It can be very painful. I ride a mountain bike about 50 miles a week, and my 40-year-old knees get kind of creaky. I have a herniated disk on the right side of my back. The pain from all of these ailments is alleviated by SBS, quickly and cleanly. No overt smell remains, no greasiness. Exactly as advertised. The Hand Stuff is superb, and the shampoo is also some of the best I've ever used. You guys need to take your smug heads out of your fat asses, stop congratulating yourselves on your wannabee nihilism every time you try to assassinate some unknowing merchant with your inane crap. Dorks like you are what is wrong with America - sorry, I couldn't resist that one.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday October 16, 2002 -- 2:21:33 pm
Yeah, Ryan, you dork. Dorkus malorkus!

Do they make Super Brain Stuff?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday October 16, 2002 -- 2:21:58 pm
Yeah, Ryan, you dork. Dorkus malorkus!

Do they make Super Brain Stuff?

DATE: Thursday October 17, 2002 -- 3:58:41 am
Sorry for the blast, guys. The kind of pain I was in at that time, SBS doesn't work on - but I hate taking pills my doctor gave me (I'm nuts).

Thanks for weatherbug!

FROM: wolverine of the X-Men
DATE: Tuesday December 3, 2002 -- 5:14:34 am
Ultra blue which you mentioned, Laura, is actually a porno!

FROM: informed reader
DATE: Thursday December 12, 2002 -- 12:19:21 pm
I would just like to add some proof that Super Blue Stuff is a total scam and the people that are selling it are liars.

refute that. too bad they didn't toss that nutjob in prison where he belongs

FROM: Alan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday August 25, 2003 -- 7:40:18 pm
Well, there are lots of claims that emu oil works really well on a lot of ailments.
It's too bad that a bad apple like the Blue Stuff tarnishes the emu oil reputation. It works for me, and like she said above, there are many people that send in testimonials about it.
someone tried to get rich on it. Fact is, emu oil is a great natural product.


FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday August 26, 2003 -- 12:10:16 am
So is that your commercial web site you linked up, Alan? If so, it's no surprise you're saying Emu oil works.

FROM: David
DATE: Monday February 14, 2005 -- 1:56:42 pm
I work for Clavel Corporation and we manufacture BlueStop. Our product does have emu oil, but is much different than blue stuff. Look at our site,, to learn more about our blue products.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday February 14, 2005 -- 5:15:39 pm

Since I first posted to this Ping on June 18, 2002, my wife has developed severe back pain as a result of burst pads in her spine. Doctors don't know what causes it, they just call it "old back" for short because it's a common problem with the elderly. My wife is barely 30 and has had the pain for years, but it's getting so bad that she is nearly inactive now. She was involved in a bad car wreck as a teen, and the only explanation seems to be that her back got compressed under the force of the accident and squeezed the fluid out of the pads in her back. Once the fluid is out, it doesn't return and your body doesn't make any more. This kind of pain affects every aspect of our lives.

I'm willing to try Super Blue Stuff now, even though I rather ridiculed it on my June 18, 2002 post--though mainly because of the terrible marketing. But if it sold millions, the marketing scheme, however simple, must be effective.

The fact that SBS lost a $3 million law suit doesn't make me automatically think that the product is inneffective. On the contrary, what more proof would anyone need that the drug corporations are threatened by this substance.

I don't know what to think. I haven't bought any of this stuff yet to try. I feel foolish at the thought of buying it, but severe quality of life diminishing pain is what it is. If the stuff doesn't work, I'll be the first to report it here. If it does, likewise. I won't be using it on myself though. I've still got a healthy back and no pain to think of at 35 years old.

I had some residual back pain from years of post graduate work sitting ina desk, not being active and lugging heavy books around, but then I started riding a bike every day and within a week all my lower back pain went away and has been gone. I was so encouraged that I bought my wife a bike, too, but it hurts her too much for her to ride it.

We'll see what happens.

To be continued . . .

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday February 14, 2005 -- 5:19:36 pm
I see that I left my original address to David up there. I started this post wanting to ask David what's up with naming everything "blue?" What's with blue? Is emu oil naturally blue? God, I'd probably have tried the stuff on my wife's back already if I didn't feel like such an ass just thinking of buying a product that sounds like "I'm throwing my money away because I'm an idiot who believes in infomercials." If this stuff were named "The person buying this is a dumbass," I'd only be slightly more embarassed at the thought of buying it.

FROM: harold
DATE: Monday April 11, 2005 -- 6:02:42 pm
where can Ibuy a jar it is good stuff

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday April 12, 2005 -- 8:57:29 am
I am pleased to report that my wife's back is in much better condition. On the doctor's advice, she started exercising all the muscles that surround her spine by doing a variety of exercises at the gym and taking a dance class. She reports that she is nearly pain free. The ever-present pain grimace has been replaced by a smile.

Might have to try Super Blue Stuff later. Nice to know that doctor's advice works, though.

FROM: Joanne [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday April 16, 2005 -- 11:53:51 am
Try "Comfort-ability" for your wifes back pain. It does contain Emu oil...and MSM,etc. My husband uses it every day for his rotator cups, which are shot. Works great for him! Yes, we mfg Emu oil products and for good reason. IT WORKS. I would not be in this business unless I believed in the product. There is recent terrific news about our Emu oil....cancer treatment centers throughout the U.S. are now buying it for post radiation burn treatment. We were contacted by one of the Drs. who said it works much better than anything he's ever seen for radiation burns. He ordered 100 bottles of our quality Emu oil to hand out to his cancer patients. Now, THAT says a lot about Emu oil, doesn't it? To help you all realize how well our products work, I'll give you all a 10% discount on products you order from us -- on your first order. Simply view our website, pick the products you'd like to order, call our office toll-free at 1-888-437-9185, and tell them "Joanne said I get a 10% discount because I'm on The Daily Ping". How's that for an offer?

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday April 18, 2005 -- 9:24:37 am
Thanks, Joanne. Isn't that "rotator cuff?"

Can have 10% of a bottle for free?

DATE: Wednesday September 28, 2005 -- 10:49:20 pm
I have been using Super Blue Stuff for a couple years and it works great.

FROM: VickiGarrett
DATE: Friday February 24, 2006 -- 8:25:37 pm
I would to try some samples first before i get this stuff.

FROM: Sharon M.
DATE: Tuesday April 25, 2006 -- 9:02:29 pm
My mom's knees would make a popping noise whenever she would stand up and a loud ouch would follow. I've heard her complain for years about those old knees and would watch her sit and rub,rub and rub with green alcohol to try help ease the pain. She hated the steroid shots but had to have them just to attend her own mother's funeral. A friend told me about the Super blue stuff and gave me a sample package. I gave it to my mother on Thanksgiving eve 2001. I saw Mom dance for the first time in 16 years. She started telling all my aunts, uncles, and cousins about this "Stuff" that I'd given her and how her pain was completely gone. It is April 2006 and she have not been without it since. I THANK GOD! for your product. It's given my mother back her mobility.She takes walks and exercises weekly just because now she can .She attends every family gathering. I'm visiting this website today just to see if I can buy it cheaper because I will be buying it as long as my mom lives.

FROM: Brett
DATE: Saturday July 8, 2006 -- 12:56:29 pm
The original comment is obviously written by a person that is hung on the "perfectness" of treatment just because it is or is not endorsed by the doctors that are killing people worldwide with their imperfect medicine. And speaking of its safety, if some one dies or is hurt by using a cream with emu oil, aloe, and MSM, they should be living in a "bubble". That's the attitude of Alopathic Doctors and their followers that dis the natural stuff because it loses money for them. Beleive what you want, granted there are certain conditions that must be treated with checmically derived medications, but God created the natural stuff, and you should probably be a little more open minded.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday July 8, 2006 -- 1:31:34 pm
The original comment is obviously written by a person that is hung on the "perfectness" of treatment just because it is or is not endorsed by the doctors that are killing people worldwide with their imperfect medicine.

Yeah, Ryan, you love being perfect.

And speaking of its safety, if some one dies or is hurt by using a cream with emu oil, aloe, and MSM, they should be living in a "bubble".

I've never used a cream with the mainstream media. Is it topical?

Dee September 14, 2007, 3:11 pm

For a year and a half (I’m 53) I have had a lot of pain in my left hand when I use it. If it isn’t used, no pain. Last week I bought SBS rollon at an Albertson’s grocery store. I first thought it wasn’t working. After three days of use the pain magically disappeared. I apply the rollon to the top of my left wrist just above the hand. Why this works better than right on the hand I’m not sure. This amazed me to the point of wanting to discover what is really going on. I discovered that the active ingredient is what’s really relieving the pain (Menthol). The emu oil, aloe, and MSM may or may not be doing anything at all. When I run out of this bottle I’ll wait and see if the pain returns. If it does, obviously it was only the menthol that was at work. It turns out that the Japanese have been using menthol for relieving pain for over 2,000 years. Look up menthol on the internet and you’ll discover it is used for pain relief in many products you use almost everyday.

Addie November 13, 2007, 7:49 pm

Hey, I do in home health care and I come frome a homeopathic upringing and I’d like to say to all those synics out there that you ought to quit debunking everything until you do a little research on your own and use the internet to enlighten yourselves instead of spreading your “theories” about something you know NOTHING about. Use your freaking brains for something useful for once and educate yourself before pulling up a chair to the table and offering nothing but your ill-informed opinions!

What is this then?

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