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January 1st, 2002

Super Blue Stuff

Happy New Year, Pingers!

Ahh… infomericals. It’s been a while since I’ve discussed any, but today I saw one I hadn’t seen in a while. I don’t know how I could have forgotten it: it’s the least convincing infomercial ever: Super Blue Stuff.

This blue goo is akin to Sportscreme, Ben Gay, or Aspercreme, from what I can gather. The infomercial has several “Who the hell is that?”-type sports celebrities and a lot of old people talking about their back pain and arthritis. And they’re hocking a product called “Super Blue Stuff.” Good God, somebody fire the marketing dolt behind this product.

The best part, though, is at the end, where they inform the viewer that “No one on the staff of Blue Stuff Pain Management Centers, nor any of our affiliates, is a doctor or health care professional.” That’s exactly what I want to hear when I’m considering ordering anything that purports to stop my pain! Oh yeah, don’t forget to “consult your health care professional if you are pregnant, lactating, or if you have any other health conditions before applying or taking these or any similar products. Do not apply to broken, irritated, or itching skin. Keep out of eyes and mucous membranes.”

But beyond their “Blue Stuff,” they also have “Essential Stuff,” gel caps which are not guaranteed because “they are a food supplement.” There’s also “Aloe Stuff,” “Peach Stuff,” and “Pure Emu Oil” (which I’ve seen sold at the local Farmer’s Market).

I think I’ll pass. -ram

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Dee September 14, 2007, 3:11 pm

For a year and a half (I’m 53) I have had a lot of pain in my left hand when I use it. If it isn’t used, no pain. Last week I bought SBS rollon at an Albertson’s grocery store. I first thought it wasn’t working. After three days of use the pain magically disappeared. I apply the rollon to the top of my left wrist just above the hand. Why this works better than right on the hand I’m not sure. This amazed me to the point of wanting to discover what is really going on. I discovered that the active ingredient is what’s really relieving the pain (Menthol). The emu oil, aloe, and MSM may or may not be doing anything at all. When I run out of this bottle I’ll wait and see if the pain returns. If it does, obviously it was only the menthol that was at work. It turns out that the Japanese have been using menthol for relieving pain for over 2,000 years. Look up menthol on the internet and you’ll discover it is used for pain relief in many products you use almost everyday.

Addie November 13, 2007, 7:49 pm

Hey, I do in home health care and I come frome a homeopathic upringing and I’d like to say to all those synics out there that you ought to quit debunking everything until you do a little research on your own and use the internet to enlighten yourselves instead of spreading your “theories” about something you know NOTHING about. Use your freaking brains for something useful for once and educate yourself before pulling up a chair to the table and offering nothing but your ill-informed opinions!

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