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January 8th, 2002

That New iMac

Okay, kids, I’m anxious to know: what do you think of the new iMac?

I saw the unveiling yesterday, and caught a quick glimpse of it prior to the MacWorld keynote. I initially thought it was rather cool but a bit odd. However, after seeing the unit in pseudo-action (that is, on videotape) I was sold. All around it feels like a great consumer computer, and could easily start new trends just like the original iMac did.

The only caveat, and it’s somewhat small, is the price. $1299 for an opening cost is a bit high when people can get PC clones for $500 less. However, those clones don’t have flat screens and, arguably, don’t have the ease of use and style.

So, whatchoo think? -pm

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