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January 9th, 2002

Fruit Ads

I went to the grocery store to pick up some food on Monday and was amazed that when I picked out some oranges, they had advertisements on them!

Perhaps I’ve totally overlooked this phenomenon, but when did they start advertising things like “The Grinch, out NOW on VHS and DVD!” on a tiny sticker on a piece of fruit? What price does this sort of space go for? Can it be the least bit effective?

(Scary) Stan Freberg doesn’t like them, and either does Zak Klobucher. And of course the home of bad ads,, despises it.

I think the only thing more inane would be advertising in the sand at a beach. Oh wait

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FROM: fresh
DATE: Wednesday January 9, 2002 -- 12:15:13 am
if i could rent this space to write my own message i would write "this fruit contains 100% feces", take a survey and see who accually read that sticker

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday January 9, 2002 -- 12:25:05 am
Robert and I were talking about this sort of thing last night during our car ride. Like how they advertise all in schools, and name gyms after products now. If you want good opinions on this sort of thing read Stay Free magazine. I believe is the address.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 9, 2002 -- 1:23:01 am
Matt--That URL is for the maxi pad company. Oh well . . . :-)

Adbusters also stands against this kind of crapola.

FROM: Sk1dzz
DATE: Wednesday January 9, 2002 -- 8:53:18 am
I was watching a boxing match on HBO the other day and one of the fighters had written across his entire back. It was a very effective ad (you couldn't possibly miss it), but it was very distracting. I didn't like it at all.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday January 9, 2002 -- 9:22:15 am

I particularly dislike ads/sponsorships in schools... especially when they come from companies like Coke that have nothing positive to offer students. But looking more deeply at the problem, it's a shame that the schools need to resort to this in the first place...

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday January 9, 2002 -- 1:56:17 pm
The URL may be or
Look it up at yahoo

FROM: Maria
DATE: Wednesday January 9, 2002 -- 5:56:09 pm
My high school had a contract with Coke. It caused quite a bit of controversy when we needed renovations to our school and instead Coke gave us a ridiculous (and expensive--and ugly) electronic announcement board to put on the front of the building so we'd remain loyal and not let Pepsi into the school.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Wednesday January 9, 2002 -- 8:48:30 pm
I'm gonna shave my head and sell the space for advertising. Any takers???

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday January 9, 2002 -- 9:07:10 pm
Already been done, Chris. :)

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