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January 21st, 2002

Senior Moments

Even though I’m only 26, I find myself having “senior moments” a little too frequently. Sometimes it’s something simple like opening a browser window and forgetting where I was going to go. Other times it’s a little more blatent, like when I find myself in the Post Office parking lot when I really meant to drive somewhere for lunch. Today, though, was the most annoying senior moment of all…

It’s Sunday, the day of the week that I always cook, no matter what. Yesterday I had a nice North Indian-style cauliflower soup (with Garam Masala rather than straight curry) planned and just needed to get a few ingredients from the supermarket. I made the trip, braved the annoying Sunday crowds, and came back ready to cook.

Problem: no cauliflower.

Tonight: another trip to the market for cauliflower, and that’s it. If I only have one thing to remember, I’ll know if I’ve forgotten it before I drive away.

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