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January 20th, 2002

A Hot Dog Program

Red hots! Come and get ’em!

What is it about hot dogs that appeals to most people? The taste is probably one thing (you can pretty much load anything onto a hot dog and maintain some flavor – like slaw dogs in the south) and I’d guess the easy eating is another. Hot dogs are pretty easy to make, easy to serve, and easy to eat. They’re good food for transportation, or ballgames.

I’m always fascinated by documentaries and programs about food (duh!) so I was pleased when TiVo caught A Hot Dog Program on PBS. It’s a few years old, but is still fascinating. The show’s author visited numerous stands and explored the culture of each place. Some, such as Varsity in Atlanta, are known for their employees and tradition as much as the food; Coney Island Hot Dogs in Aspen Park, Colorado, is known for its building shape – it looks like a giant hot dog.

That said, it was great to see Chicago represented – even if out-of-towners get the Chicago Hot Dog all wrong (it’s a pickle spear, not pickle slices; and no ketchup!) I question the show’s declaration that Portillo’s is Chicago’s hot dog “empire”, although they’re the most visible chain of hot dog places.

Do you have a favorite hot dog place? What do you like on your dog? -pm

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