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January 23rd, 2002

Q-Tips: Only the Best Will Do

With most consumer items, generic brands will do just fine. Store-brand tissues are pretty much the same thing you get from Puffs or Kleenex, minus the “with added nonsene you don’t need!” gimmicks. Same goes with store-brand toilet paper, paper plates, napkins, and mouthwash. But the one brand that has yet to be matched by its lower-priced brethren: Q-Tips.

Generic cotton swabs, or even the Johnson & Johnson brand cotton swabs can’t match up with Chesebrough-Pond’s Q-Tips. Q-Tips use more cotton than their competition: using a generic brand often results in poking yourself in the ear through the cotton with the flexible handle.

The handle… that’s the other place where Q-Tips have every other brand of cotton swab beat: Q-Tips flex just enough. Other brands can’t withstand any sort of force and don’t allow proper maneuvering in and around the ear.

I would point you to the “official” Q-Tip web site, but there is none. There was a great fan site, but unfortunately, the no-web-presence Chesebrough-Ponde shut ’em down.

Just remember: don’t puncture your ear drum with a Q-Tip.

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DATE: Wednesday January 23, 2002 -- 1:15:45 am
Didn't your mother tell you that the only thing you should put in your ear is your elbow?

DATE: Wednesday January 23, 2002 -- 5:35:03 am
I like the cotton to be wrapped firmly around the stick, all too often it is loose, this is what usually leads to punctured ear drums.

FROM: possumrex
DATE: Wednesday January 23, 2002 -- 3:55:42 pm
One of my Spanish teachers used to clean his ears with a sharp pencil.

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 23, 2002 -- 6:09:09 pm
You know, Ryan, I used to agree with you. I really did.

Then, in a fit of Bohemianness, I bought a box of Osco brand Cotton Swabs. They're probably the next best thing to the real Q-Tips; the amount of cotton is pretty generous. The only downside is that the swab doesn't flex much. But it's my opinion that if you need a lot of flexing, you got some of them thar problems in your ears, boy!

But, in the end, I'm waiting for the current box to run out (my ears are always clean) and run back with open ears to Q-Tips.

That said, you know that you're not supposed to use any cotton swab in your ear; it's for cleaning around the ear....

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday January 23, 2002 -- 9:11:09 pm
Right, but you know there's always a little digging involved... :)

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday January 25, 2002 -- 8:28:08 am
What? You use them in the ear? That's like tearing the warning label off of a mattress!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday January 25, 2002 -- 9:11:43 am
I'm not talking it-practically-disappears or anything, but... ergh... I feel like I need an illustration here. Come here, Paul, let me show you.

FROM: Jenny
DATE: Friday February 22, 2002 -- 6:37:25 pm
What's the "Q" stand for?

FROM: Faith [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 19, 2002 -- 7:35:57 pm
The Q stands for Quality.

And I've found that Johnson & Johnson makes a fine cotton swab. I was forced to switch brands, as you might imagine.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday March 19, 2002 -- 10:48:15 pm
Keep the faith, Faith! :)

FROM: Zack
DATE: Wednesday May 1, 2002 -- 11:27:14 pm
What do you suppose happens when a person hurts their ear when using the swab, since everyone puts them in their ears.

FROM: Margaret
DATE: Monday June 3, 2002 -- 4:36:13 pm
I have 3 ear infections (how? you only have two ears...2 otitis externa, 1 otitis media), courtesy of cotton swabs. Don't dig at all! You just pack the wax in tighter. You don't want to know what they washed out of my ear canal at the dr. this morning.

Otitis externa is extremely painful and next to water in the ear, cotton swabs are the most common cause!

It is with regret that I will give up using cotton swabs. MDH says I was addicted...

FROM: jhaye
DATE: Thursday October 24, 2002 -- 2:18:32 am
We're the manufacturer of J&J Cotton buds and we can say that we produced quality products meeting the requirements of our clients. I can say that we produced better quality than Q-tips.

FROM: Felipe Quijano
DATE: Saturday October 26, 2002 -- 3:32:08 pm
I have been searching in a serious way a manufacturer, writing from the City of Veracruz, I had a very interesting innovation and totally patentable idea from a product
related to this topic of the Q-Tips.

If you are a representative of innovations products for personal care, farmaceutics, etc; please contact with me.

FROM: somebody
DATE: Friday January 24, 2003 -- 5:21:23 pm
The Q in Q-Tip Stands for Quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now don't tell me that doesn't blow your mind!

FROM: Somebody else
DATE: Monday December 8, 2003 -- 2:41:48 pm
Q-tips does have an official Website as of 2003, It still remains that Chesebrough-Pond's does not have a site though.

FROM: chelle
DATE: Tuesday November 30, 2004 -- 12:23:58 am
After taking a shower today i used q-tips to clean out my ears and now i can not hear out of my right ear. I have a killer headache too,hmmm what the heck.

FROM: hope
DATE: Wednesday January 4, 2006 -- 12:54:28 pm
ok i didn't know there was so much to say about q-tips of any brand ok... i have a clogged ear i am trying eveything i can to get the wax out but anyways i work in a day care so a clogged ear is good for something also like a fight with ur boyfreind....

FROM: John
DATE: Wednesday January 4, 2006 -- 8:19:38 pm
At least where I shop, it's getting impossible to find a good old Q tip with a wooden stick, they've all gone to the flimsy rolled paper stick (or the overly-flexible plastic) . Not much better than trying to clean my ears with a shoestring.

FROM: Billy
DATE: Monday January 30, 2006 -- 10:46:13 am
i was stepping out of my shower and i usually clean my ears then well i dropped the "Q-Tip" in the camode!....well i had no choice but to dig it out of there! I did this because it was my last one and i didnt want to go to the store undressed. Well i got it out after about ten minutes of fishing with my hands and it was to wet to use! Well i went next door to my mothers house fully undressed! We are family so it didnt really matter that much.

HWCH June 21, 2008, 11:43 pm

I have been a loyal customer to the q-tip since I can remember. Brands such as Johnson & Johnson does not compare. When I think of items that are so
ubiquitous to our culture things like kleenex, windex, q-tips are a part of this.
I am very upset to see that the q-tip has changed. The stick is now mushy and bends when cleaning my ear, the cotton on the tips have been reduced and feel like third world “q-tips!” Why screw up something that is perfect –
to save a copy of pennies and compromise the brand and what use to be
the best quality out there.

What was Chesebrough-Pond’s thinking – that the customer is stupid, and
they could pull the wool over us without the customer realizing the switch?

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