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January 30th, 2002

Pool Hall Tunes

My friend Greg and I went out to shoot pool the other night. We went to an overall respectable establishment, and it was barely populated on a Monday night, which was icing on the cake.

As we started playing pool, though, the sounds of Gwen Stefani floated through the air. Then, a sampling of music that was popular about six months ago but is already feeling slightly dated. Then, more No Doubt. The music kept coming and coming, and the game we were playing seemed all the more difficult. Someone had loaded the jukebox with choice selections.

That is, it’s tough to concentrate when someone is pretending to sing over half-baked musicians.

But one thing Greg pointed out, and I concurred with, is that every time either of us has been in a pool hall, the music selection has been bad – except when one of us put some cash in the jukebox, of course. Has this been a common experience for Pingers? Do you find that other peoples’ tastes are quite far from your own when shooting pool? -pm

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bent February 3, 2008, 4:09 pm

while downloading george thorogood, i actually typed in google “pool hall music”. being from nh and having lived in connecticut and mass i have deep respect for being white trash. he is THE quintessential pool hall music. pool… bar… drinking… HELLO

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