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January 29th, 2002

Office Depot: Oops

In the new Office Depot furniture catalog:

Office Depot ad


Do you think they meant to do that? I don’t know how they could have missed it — it was the first thing I noticed in the catalog.

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FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Tuesday January 29, 2002 -- 3:49:06 am
That is pretty horrible, especially considering that most publishing companies have a 3-month lead in time per flyer/magazine, that'd still have been "AFTER" September 11th if that was published along that line. Man, you'd think someone in PR would've been as astute as you, Ryan. Then again, who knows... might almost stand as a tribute (it's not like anything bad was said about it, and it is sorta' subtle unless you really look at products that closely), as there's enough Pro-America merchandise being sold with the twin-towers on it still.

Under the premise though, I think I still would've done something more with that graphic if it was to stand as a "tribute". Which in a way makes it altogether, tacky. Then again, only thing more tacky to me is Arnold's new anti-terrorism movie (which in a way, even though they pushed it back, it still can almost "PLAY" off Sept. 11th). Noone accused him of being a great actor although some efforts like Twins were at least amusing, but can't he stage a better show than the "1 man wrecking crew" Rambo-esque (Eraser, T1, T2, Commando, Predator, etc. etc.) take on hundreds/thousands or one incredibly elite force and survive past the ludicrous odds? Apparently not...

Then again, at least he's not doing a Dance's with Wolves/Braveheart copy... I think I'd give up watching movies altogether if that happened. LoL

FROM: Patrick
DATE: Tuesday January 29, 2002 -- 8:40:29 am
Ummm...its an image of a city scape that happens to no longer exist as it did in the picture. Yes, the reasons it doesn't exist like that anymore are horrible, frightening and sickening, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't make for a good picture.

I don't really see this as a mistake, but some weird hypersensitivity to the fact that we are showing the twin towers. Watch 'Friends' rerunany night of the week, they didn't edit the towers out of the intro. Why would they? The towers existed and were a marvel of human engineering. Let us remember them as that.

So, what exactly is the problem with using that picture? Or, for that matter, any imagery of the twin towers?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday January 29, 2002 -- 9:21:32 am
Pat -- While I think it's ridiculous to even consider editting the Twin Towers out of media that existed beforehand, it just doesn't make much sense to me that companies that are generally very P.C. and hypersensitive to issues like that would let something like an image of the Twin Towers slip through when there are plenty of other options... with something as unimportant as an ad for an entertainment center in an Office Depot catalog, you'd think they would try to avoid the negative press that would be likely to follow.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Tuesday January 29, 2002 -- 11:05:03 am
Agreed. I think the whole idea is silly, however I'm shocked that Office Depot let this through. If they did it on purpose though...I have a little more respect for the company.

FROM: fresh
DATE: Tuesday January 29, 2002 -- 8:51:02 pm
pardon my speech, but what the fuck are you guys talkin about? i mean the mahogany, although not the best wood for makin a unit such as this one, shouldnt be displayed as oops on the ping i mean i know we all love cherry much more but come on fellas give mahogany a chance it can really "liven" up a room. thank you

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