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February 28th, 2002

The Hard Drive Keychain

Yesterday, I was leafing through Popular Science and noted the latest cool thingamajig that costs too much: the USB hard drive keychain. And, yes, I think I want one.

By far, the 1GB model is the coolest. It’s also ridiculously expensive (and think about how often one can lose a keychain!) but that’s a whole gig, folks – my first computer didn’t have 10K!

Targus sells a pen-like, cheaper model that holds 128MB… not too shabby.

I do like the idea. No more media: no floppy or Zip to lose. Instead, a smaller, easier-to-lose form of media that could be semi-permanent and for now, costs much more! Despite that fact, though, I still think it’s cool technology. Can’t wait till it’s sold in blister packs at Walgreens. -pm

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Paul August 22, 2007, 2:06 pm

Funny comment from my original Ping – “Can’t wait till it’s sold in blister packs at Walgreens.”

USB drives are now, in fact, sold in blister packs at Walgreens. Once again the Ping predicts the future.

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