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March 20th, 2007

Silly News Teasers

I tell you, local news seems more and more like a joke every day. You’ve got the advertisements for other shows masquerading as stories, the incessant bad news, the annoying sports reporter, and 10 seconds devoted to the Iraq Civil War. All at 11!

But today I saw a really bad teaser. You know those, right? They’re used before a commercial break so you’ll stay tuned. This one was just lame:

And coming up, people who ride the train will notice a change next week. What is it? We’ll tell you, after this!

Even given just that you can probably figure it out: a rate increase. You didn’t think it was a serious, enormous story, did you? Like, new seating? Or new cars? Naah.


Find out which part of the Bay Area is suffering from a disease outbreak.


They’re just getting really, really lame. If something is that important, just tell me! Other than that, stop with the teasers. I’ll stay tuned, because I just love the daily dog photos.

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jk March 21, 2007, 3:17 am

Hey! I need answers to all these teasers. Maybe the trains have been painted green and purple for Spring!

Disease? I have some symptoms that are probably psycho-somatic, but I really need to know this one too.


Merle March 21, 2007, 9:02 pm

I once recorded an hour and a half of news just to hear one of those lame stories. These days, I assume if they can’t just tell me then it must not be important at all.

The “live” segments are even worse. It can take them four minutes to impart maybe two sentences’ worth of information. I love the ones where they go live to the outside of some courthouse.. at 6am, when it is not yet open. Ooh! So *that’s* the door some random people might walk through in order to see the trial today?

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