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March 16th, 2002

Basic Fun

Back in the day, when typing in programs was the way to make your computer do stuff, there were a load of books to help one out – chock full o’programs.

The one I remember the most is Basic Fun. It was a small paperback book with a cover featuring two geeky kids sitting in front of an Apple ][. They were obviously impressed with their creation. Oddly, I don’t remember any actual programs from the book – just the book! And I never got into the sequel, devoted to graphics (wow!) on the Atari computers (wow!)

Once I found this site, though, even more memories came flooring back. I absolutely loved the K-Power series (remember that mag?): Computer Craziness, Computer Monsters, Computer Olympics, and Computer Space Adventures (the suckiest one).

For the serious geeky side of me, well, it was Jim Butterfield’s ML book. ML was a freaking nightmare compared to BASIC, but the speed benefits were huge.

Do spend some time at the Computer Game Museum site, though – lots of great oldies to check out. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday March 17, 2002 -- 6:05:15 pm
I have fond memories of constantly checking out a book called Things "They" Didn't Want You to Know About Apple II Programming (or somethign similar). What a great reference.

I still have all my old programming books from when I had my Apple... maybe that guy takes submissions.

FROM: 223
DATE: Saturday July 20, 2002 -- 4:14:48 am

FROM: tiny tweet [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday April 19, 2004 -- 3:08:29 pm
my sis has "computer monsters", i use it, altho its alot of typing for the little reward i try and make up my own. Im 12 and im not a geek, but when i am at home alone with nothing to do, i try and invent games that i can give 2 my friends 4 there b-days, as a interactive card..

old books can be alot of fun

~tiny tweet~

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