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January 23rd, 2006


When trying to get across a small body of water in a car that won’t automatically convert into a hovervehicle, there’s no better way to do it than a ferry. Drive onto a boat, the boat does the work, and you automagically pop out the other side, at your destination. Plus, in between, you can step out of your car and stretch your legs a little.

I’ve only been on a few ferries in my life. There’s a small one near where I live that I take to get into Maryland, which is kind of nice. It’s privately owned and runs from very early in the morning until very late at night. Going across the river at night is particularly pretty and one morning I spotted a bald eagle making a nest not far from the ferry’s Virginia-side loading point.

I also had to ride a ferry a number of times in Vietnam when returning to Can Tho from Saigon. Unfortunately, it was a long ride and they only had one ferry, so the one time we just missed the ferry, we were waiting for a couple of hours for the ferry to return. Hours!

Any favorite ferries in your life that you’d care to share a story about?

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