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April 4th, 2002

Dr. Leonard’s

Yesterday a wonderful mailing came into our home: Dr. Leonard’s, America’s Leading Discount Healthcare Catalog. On the front page was a cheap knockoff of Super Blue Stuff called Blue Relief. Also present was The Perfect Pancake, a pancake maker you might’ve seen on TV – what that has to do with healthcare, I just don’t know.

But it got worse. Not only do they sell a video called How to Make Sex Fun, Volume 3, oh no. They have a swell American Flag Pin and, of course, VIGEL – “enhance female arousal”. Unfortunately, the Dr.’s online catalog didn’t have VIGEL listed. Sorry, ladies. For the men? Not only are there nude yoga videos (“because you can see the muscular lines on… nude bodies, you can… achieve the perfect muscle extension”), but there’s also something called ReJoyn, and it is damned scary.

The good doctor obviously has a broad definition of “healthcare”, and the fact that every order comes with a free gift is very, very scary. -pm

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