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April 9th, 2002

Wave Twisters

If technology and animation are your thing and you’re open-minded about music, you have simply got to check out Wave Twisters – The Movie. It’s a 46-minute mix of computer animation and live action (mostly animation, though) that tells the story of an intergalactic dentist that finds a turntable wristwatch that shoots lasers. The dentist and his crew set out to battle the evil Redworm, Ook, and their legion of followers dedicated to suppressing the four elements (emceeing, breaking, grafitti, and dj’ing). The gang battle evil octobots, Chinheads, and DJs in their quest to revive hip-hop music and culture.

Even more impressive is that the animation was built scratch-for-scratch around Qbert‘s Wave Twisters turntablist album. It may well be the first time you nod your head through an entire movie.

The DVD’s price is a bit steep (about $26), but it’s well worth it, as there’s a lot of high quality bonus material on the disc (including a commentary, deleted scenes, a making-of featurette, etc.). Though i stay away from specific music and movie reviews on the Ping, this movie has a wide appeal to those with a little geek in them and an open enough mind to dig the creativity of turntable-based music.

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