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April 10th, 2002

Good Grips

There are a good deal of designs, product designs, I’m in love with. But the one that I keep coming back to is the Good Grips line of products.

Good Grips were created out of a need. A man noticed that his wife was having trouble using a potato peeler because of her arthritis and, thus, he made a peeler with a softer, larger handle and a bit of give. Not only was it a good idea for her, it turned out to be a good idea for almost anyone.

At Bed Bath and Beyond this past weekend, I was overwhelmed by an entire wall of Good Grips. They now sell everything from car wash brushes to corn cob holders. All of them are equally easy to handle, look pretty modern, and do their jobs well. I’m convinced that Good Grips are worth the premium over other similar tools – they’re just that good.

Have you tried Good Grips? Do you like them?

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday April 10, 2002 -- 9:15:03 am
I love Good Grips with the exception of the peeler -- while it does OK with potatoes and such, it's almost unusable on an apple. We have quite a variety of Good Grips in our house (my mom's bought almost all of it as a gift for us at one point or another), including the Good Grips ice scraper.

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