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April 17th, 2002

Redneck Neighbor

This is one of those sites I’m just waiting for someone to prove is a fake, but something tells me it’s not: Redneck Neighbor.

It’s a simple site with a 1997 design, but that’s part of the appeal. It’s a “normal” guy who lives next to a guy with absolutely no sense of design. I’m talking “pool table in the carport” lack of sense.

There are a good number of pictures, too, illustrating his wired-in back porch (which he used to keep geese), a bricked-in mailbox whose flag can no longer be moved, and a rock-on-a-table in his front yard. You can feel the pain of living next to a neighbor like this just by looking over this page…

The neighbor’s house is for sale and the web site’s owner is mighty happy.

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