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April 16th, 2002

Blame Napster!

Taking a page from the South Park gang, I ask you to play “Blame Napster!”

Record sales are down 5% worldwide – it’s Napster’s fault! Napster encouraged listeners to get their music for free, thus causing a whole generation of people to think that music is free.

In the meantime, you ask how the stats are garnered – especially in the US? Well, it’s all fixed due to a “creative” calculation, and oh yeah, so are the prices.

But I implore you friends to remember that it’s all Napster’s fault. Just because the RIAA has no compelling digital alternative, has raised CD prices, and has unleashed a large vat of uninteresting and bland artists on the world doesn’t mean it’s the labels’ fault – oh no. It’s you! The consumer! Stop enjoying music, already! Buy our $20 CDs! Never download anything!

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