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April 20th, 2002

Kleenex Cover

Something I don’t think I ever understood: the concept of the Kleenex box cover. Even a $30 model that looks like a strange Tiffany-mosaic combination.

I find nothing wrong with tissues, Kleenex or otherwise. Tissues are handy little devices that enable people to clear out their noses, remove excess makeup, or wipe away tears. You know the tears – the ones your friends will have after they see this thing in your bathroom.

Tissue boxes are nothing to be ashamed about, people. They’re getting better looking, overall, and match just about any decor. Even if they don’t match your decor, well, you can always redecorate your bathroom around your tissue box.

Fess up: do you use tissue box covers? Why?

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday April 20, 2002 -- 10:57:18 am
We have a metallic one for our bathroom that matches our toothbrush holder, etc... otherwise, we generally don't use them.

BTW -- the first link seems to be a dead-end.

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday April 20, 2002 -- 11:57:49 am
Darn Internet - it worked yesterday!

FROM: Maria
DATE: Sunday April 21, 2002 -- 3:49:13 am
I think tissue box covers are on par with toilet lid covers as far as pointlessness is concerned. My grandparents have a crocheted one like in that link, though. It's scary.

FROM: Big Fat Lizard
DATE: Friday June 14, 2002 -- 5:57:05 am
I don't use Kleenex's I use toilet paper...(I buy the soft kind "cottonelle") - quite frankly I think Kleenex boxes are designed to capture dust! - Think about the logic behind it - and you'll agree I'm certain! - Lizard

FROM: Jordan Joslin [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday September 7, 2002 -- 8:22:41 pm
a clear plastic cover displays the boutique box design and keeps the box from lifting when the tissue supply gets to the end

FROM: pShero
DATE: Monday September 23, 2002 -- 3:53:42 pm
I'm looking for a Kleenex cover that looks like a stack of books? I've seen them,but where? I have bad allergies & don't like the box lying around in the den but have to keep them close!

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday September 24, 2002 -- 8:13:39 am
It'd be great if the Ping was your Kleenex Cover Resource.

FROM: Jen Marie [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday June 28, 2003 -- 9:46:37 am
Yes, there is a tissue box cover for every one! I have designed over 30 different patterns to cover a tissue box. You make them out of fabric. People love to give them as gifts, and you can laugh at them!

FROM: Jen Marie [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday June 28, 2003 -- 9:49:26 am
my website is

dolores March 15, 2010, 12:27 am

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