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April 20th, 2002

Kleenex Cover

Something I don’t think I ever understood: the concept of the Kleenex box cover. Even a $30 model that looks like a strange Tiffany-mosaic combination.

I find nothing wrong with tissues, Kleenex or otherwise. Tissues are handy little devices that enable people to clear out their noses, remove excess makeup, or wipe away tears. You know the tears – the ones your friends will have after they see this thing in your bathroom.

Tissue boxes are nothing to be ashamed about, people. They’re getting better looking, overall, and match just about any decor. Even if they don’t match your decor, well, you can always redecorate your bathroom around your tissue box.

Fess up: do you use tissue box covers? Why?

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dolores March 15, 2010, 12:27 am

I loved Jen Maries school bus. I made it for a friends daughter whose is a teacher. Now I have great grandchildren and 2 teachers in the family and would like to make them all one. Whaere can I find the kits?

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