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May 23rd, 2002

Series Finales

While I think that this past year had some of the best new television in recent memory, a lot of good shows were cancelled early or decided to call it quits. The last few weeks have been a barrage of season finales, so here’s my take on a few of them…

Undeclared… Unfortuantaely, no one knew it was going to be the series finale after less than a full season, so the episode was just like any other: very good, but with enough loose ends to continue to series for a number of years.

The X-Files… Though I stopped watching after the movie came out, I did catch the final few episodes as well as the finale. The two-hour finish worked out well, tying together a lot of storylines from the entire series.

Futurama… It didn’t have the feel of a final episode, but it was a solid one, featuring a number of Star Trek characters.

Felicity… Sure they pulled weird supernatural crap and then a “the last four weeks have been a dream” nonsense, but the more bearable of the WB/UPN college dramas ended on a high note, leaving you feeling like there would be a hole in the schedule next season.

City Guys… Am I dork for including this? The finale was a pretty poor half-hour wrap show consisting of 85% recycled material. Kind of a shame that one of TNBC’s best shows had to go out with such a fizzle.

Of the season finales, I thought 24 was just awesome (as the entire show has been), Smallville was intense, and The Simpsons was lackluster (and why did they air a new episode three days after the season finale?).

What were your favorites?

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