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May 24th, 2002

Cheap Eats

Pingers, what’s your favorite place to get cheap, good food?

I’m half-expecting Ryan to come up with a slew of diner answers – which is fine – but I’m curious if you have a local joint that serves up something good for a fair price.

Me? There’s a little carry-out place near the school where I teach (and, thus, the school I once attended). They used to be across the street, in a very small but long building. It was cramped, poorly-lit, and felt weird in the middle of a parking lot… but the food was fantastic. And so cheap! This year they moved across the street, though, usurping the location of a greasy spoon.

I go back because I can get a grilled cheese, fries, and a drink for a few bucks. The grilled cheese is never perfect, the fries are sometimes lacking, and the drinks are… ordinary. The service is very Chicago, though, and I think that’s something that draws me back. Miss picking up your order and expect to get barked at – just a little. This isn’t the Weiner’s Circle, a place known for its rude staff.

Good, cheap, outside-of-the-home food. Got a favorite?

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