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September 20th, 2002

Violence Against Children

Last night, while watching the news, an interesting teaser came on the screen. It depicted a woman with a giant SUV, in a parking lot, ushering her small child into the back seat. Before doing so, she looked around – her head turned left, and then right. She then… “We’ll give you the full details after this break!”

As it turns out, she proceeded to violently beat this child. Right there, in the back seat of their Sequoia, in a parking lot in northern Indiana. It made me cringe – she was clearly beating this child on her head, and was possibly driving her head into the hard backing of the front seats.

The entire story, with video, is available online.

Things like this really make me upset. I do understand that there is a lot of violence taking place against children throughout the globe, but for all we know, this woman might’ve beaten up her child because Kohl’s didn’t accept an item they were returning. Absolutely ridiculous.

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