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May 30th, 2002

An Illness Worse Than Death

I’m not sick. That’s a good thing. We’ve talked about the sick role here on the Ping before, but it got me wondering about being sick.

I think almost everyone has a notion in his or her head about what being “really sick” constitutes. For some people, it’s a really bad cold… which evokes images of using tissues every 3 seconds, running a dehumidifier, and drinking gallons of orange juice. For others, it’s anything that requires Pepto Bismol to solve. And for others, it’s cramping.

Pingers, what do you think of “really sick” as?

For me, it’s clearly anything involving the stomach and the washroom. I think I’d almost be overly pleased to have a simple cold over anything involving food and digestive problems. Of course, the best illness is “spring fever”.

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