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May 31st, 2002

Speedpass: Why?

One of the most inane ideas that just won’t die is Mobil’s Speedpass, a magic wand that carries your credit card information and allows you pay outside or inside by simply waving it over a reader. The obvious question is: why? How much time does it save versus swiping a credit card? Seconds, perhaps.

Can anyone tell me even a single advantage of using one of these goofy ass devices?

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday May 31, 2002 -- 12:07:22 am
I'm sure the New World Order or Illuminati could.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday May 31, 2002 -- 8:05:49 am
I think it is primarily aimed at fleet accounts. I can see an advantage to given a fleet of delivery drivers the magic wand that only buys gas, versus a company Mobile credit card that also can buy beer and cirgaretees.

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday May 31, 2002 -- 8:34:11 am
Thing is, Chris, is that Speedpass is accepted inside the store too - in lieu of a debit or credit card. At least around here.

I had a Speedpass a number of years ago but got rid of it. First, as I discovered, it just wasn't convenient. It was another thing in my pocket - and not the good kind, either. Second, Mobil's gas was consistently more expensive than other brands. So it was essentially, "Great! I get to pay extra to use a plastic wand!"

I did take the Speedpass apart once I decided to get rid of it, and it was just a little circuit board with a couple of chips. Amazing technology, that.

Also, Speedpass is accepted at local McDonald's throughout most of Chicagoland. You place an order at the big board o'grease, and when you pull up to the window, you wave your Speedpass in front of the reader just below the window. Yes, you basically don't have to talk to anyone anymore to get your food. Society!

FROM: Chris
DATE: Friday May 31, 2002 -- 11:44:23 am
Interesting - I didn't know the speedpass could be used in the store. Kind blows my theory out eh? However, the thought of not playing the please don't drop the money game with the drive through employee is somewhat intriguing.

Take this technology to the extreme and we can just implant a chip in your palm and you can pay just by waving. Scary, very scary.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday May 31, 2002 -- 12:52:49 pm
The Speedpass must make most of its money from people who can remember their car keys but not their wallets. These people will be the first to go when I establish the New World Order.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday May 31, 2002 -- 1:39:21 pm
Speak of the mark of the beast!

FROM: corey [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday May 31, 2002 -- 1:57:04 pm
i abuse and love the speedpass! bow to me!

my favorite usage of ol' SP is the mobil on-the-run station just off rt 7 on the way to work. trusty speedpass in hand, i can park, run into the store, pour a steamy cup of quality french roast, pass my wand by the register and walk out the door, hardly breaking my stride. fastest time in/out so far: 1min 32sec.

another reason to love speedpass: it's fun to live in this world of digicash. a grande illlusion of pulling up to a station, filling the tank and driving away without a thought of the currency involved. dangerous? yes. cool? definitely.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday May 31, 2002 -- 2:19:03 pm
Corey -- Ah, so you don't have to stand in line, you can just "wave-n-walk"? I guess that's a minor advantage...

FROM: King Random
DATE: Monday June 3, 2002 -- 10:59:28 pm
I always did think that was a rather silly device. And they advertize it so often, you would think they would be losing money on it. Does it cost any to get, or use?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday June 3, 2002 -- 11:30:06 pm
King Random -- Nope, it's free and doesn't have any surcharges.

FROM: Brandon
DATE: Monday October 24, 2005 -- 9:19:25 pm
Best part of speedpass.... I got 2 keyrings with high quality clasps that are removable.....threw the speedpass out as soon as i got it. Too insecure...can be hacked within 1 foot, and duplicated by any laptop computer. Dont activate yours, and if you have, throw them out. (destroy them first)...

Oh, and keep the keyring and clasp :) :)

FROM: jk
DATE: Monday October 24, 2005 -- 10:28:52 pm
Not to be confused with EZ Pass, the coolest thing ever.

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