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June 1st, 2002


I think I’ve about had it with the Klez virus. It hasn’t gotten nearly as much press as Nimda, Melissa, or ILoveYou, but it’s far more annoying. Not only does it send attachments and one of over a hundred different subject lines/messages (all with trademark crappy grammar), but it sets the FROM: line to a random address from Outlook’s address book (though it also seems to grab it from IE’s web cache). The biggest difference with this virus is that while the others seemed to die out relatively quickly, the Klez virus has been going for a month-and-a-half without slowing down. Today alone I got 10-15 copies of the virus from one person alone!

If you’re using Outlook, please stop. It’s by far the most susceptible for virus attack (a combination of shitty default security and a large user base that encourages virus writers to target it for maximum effectiveness). If everyone in the world that uses Outlook switched to The Bat!, PMMail, or something similar, viruses would come to a near stand-still.

So, starting tomorrow I’m going door-to-door until I meet every Outlook user in the world. See you soon.

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