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June 17th, 2002

Which Side Do You Sleep On?

A short while back, I took stock of Pinger’s sleeping habits. Here’s an addendum to that survey: which side of the bed do you sleep on (assuming you sleep in a full-size or larger bed)? Folks that share a bed: do you sleep differently when your… “sleeping partner” isn’t around? How about when you travel?

I’m usually on the right side of the bed and like to sprawl when it’s just me — sometimes laying diagonally (I was never one to waste space). However, I’ve realized that when I travel, sometimes I’m on the left side of the bed and it doesn’t feel strange.

There’s not much written on that subject that I can find, so I guess there aren’t any personality theories based on which side of the bed you sleep on. However, I did come across this interesting article while searching for information. It’s a company in Australia named Finishing Touch that helps you move and “recreates the nest” at your new house. They take notes about where you put your furniture, how tall you are, and?yes?which side of the bed you sleep on.

So… which side?

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David August 29, 2006, 6:34 pm

I sleep very comfortably on my back, on the left side of my *Craftmatic Adjustable Bed* .. in an adjusted position of course.

Sara April 27, 2008, 10:23 pm

I sleep all over. Sometimes on the right, sometimes on the left, i’ll fall asleep on one side and end up on the other. i usually sleep with my head at the foot end of the bed. or just on the floor. or couch, or chair. it doesn’t really matter. When i travel i sleep wherever i want, be it car, plane, train or right in front of the door.

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